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Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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At this price,..its a steal!!!! DON'T THINK TWICE!!!!.Awesome cigar!!!!!
chris in virginia March 30, 2010
"Barn Burner"
This smoke is a barn-burner. I've soked three boxes of the maduros in various sizes and I've only been dissapointed by one single cigar. It had a rough cap and smoked fine. Give them six months in the box and they taste even better. I must say that Famous' price is a bit high. I usually buy them in the $3.30 range which makes them an even better value. Also, the Perdomo Habano corojo is a must smoke.
Nick in Minneapolis February 18, 2010
"This is a great cigar. Nick Perdomo is the best."
This is one of the best cigars on the market. In my opinion, Nick Perdomo does not make a bad cigar. Every lot 23 cigar has burned straight as an arrow.
Mike in Sping Texas February 6, 2010
"These are not very good"
Not sure what you guys are smoking but these smokes are not good at all. They burn unevenly, they are not very consistent at all. After you fire one up they are quite bitter and don't settle down until halfway through the smoke. They smell good out of the humidor, but disappoint bog time. I found the wrapping to be uneven and veiny and the wrapper coming off. The taste after reading all the previous reviews led me to believe that this would be like having a Padron or Rocky Patel maduro, not even close. They taste like leather with a hint of earthiness, not chocolate, coffee, nothing. I'll not be buying these again.
Jim in Oregon November 14, 2009
"Perdomo has done it again"
Plenty of beautiful blue smoke, with a great draw and even burn. TRY THEM you WILL love them.
M Landers in Portland November 10, 2009
"Dependable stubby stick. Rewards with every puff."
It gets my rating of GFS. These are dependable fat little smokes. 9 out of 10 that came from the box would reward you with a wonderful taste and something that I think is just as important a scrumptious passive burn. Like all cigars that I have ever purchased there will be the occasional medium to bad smoke. Things like a bad wrap that makes the draw to hard or a really bad burn that has the ember half way up one side and not the other. The 1 out of 10 in this box was maybe just a little off on flavor. Get a box and impress your friends without breaking the bank. I will be ordering another box very soon. Enjoy.
Paul in Bastrop Texas August 11, 2009
Gives the Padron 2000 Maduro a run for its money. Awesome smoke at a killer price.
K O'G in VT May 30, 2009
"Best all around, excellent draw, nice flavor."
Excellent cigar, far exceeded my expectations. Orignally purchased as a sampler but continue to order and smoke. Thanks to Famous Smoke Shop and their excellent prices I can afford to smoke often.
Bruce in Deer Park, Texas April 30, 2009
"Truely a great cigar!"
A fine cigar to go with a fine semi-sweet white wine.A slight hint of leather with cinnamon and spice on a sweet finish.The Lot 23 is a wonderful smoke for the early afternoon or after dinner with friends or alone.This would be a great warmer weather cigar,especially after two weeks or more in the humidor.This is not the Maduro for those looking for coffee and cocoa but is one for lighter palates.I am deeply impressed and intend to keep at least more than a few in my humidor.An exceptional cigar for all occasions.Highly recommended...try them!
Edw.A.Roth in Michigan March 10, 2009
"Perfect Morning"
This Lot 23 maduro is the greatest to smoke with the morning coffee. Smooth, rich and full of flavor. Like many of the other reviewers I agree almost burnt my fingers enjoying this wonderful smoke. Hard to beat this quality at this price. Great burn, great ash, great wrapper, great construction......OK do you get the point they are great. Highly recommended.
Jamiaon in Texas January 15, 2009
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