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Perdomo Lot 23 Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Great Smoke"
Got a 5 pack on Auction. I was a little unsure about them as I have had some Perdomo that I am not fond of in the past, but was pleasantly surprized! These tast Great. I had to play with the burn a bit, but These are a hit with me. A great medium body smoke!
Jason in Va. Beach, Va. May 14, 2011
"Huge dissapointment"
I tried this cigar based on the suggestion of the guy who runs the local cigar store near me, and usually he has good choices. However, when I asked for a good medium strength, and got this one, it was awful. It was extremely mild, with lousy flavor all together.
Dave in New Jersey September 29, 2010
"Never again"
This is the second time I've smoked on of the Perdomo Lot 23 Naturals. The first smoke was fairly bland and the construction was almost flakey. I thought maybe the cigar got a little too dry on the trip over, but thought I would let the other sit in the humidor for about a month or more. After smoking the second, I still was not impressed and again the cigar began to fall apart almost immediately after lighting. There simply is not a great taste to the smoke and construction is bothersome from the get-go. My opinion, obviously, is to put your money into something else.
ChicagoSmoke in Chicago, IL February 16, 2009
"Very Smooth"
Great cigar!! Bought a 10 pack on a FS Auction and im very happy. Smoked one wright out of the pack without any humi time and it was so good , it starts out a little strong on the nose end but quickly mellows out and makes up for it on the other end, no bitter after taste no matter how you smoke it , fast, slow it dosent matter its smooth as silk on the palate whitch is a releive for me because i've run accross a lot of bitter sticks lately and you have to smoke them a certain way or your in for a not so good after taste and thats not the case with these.The construction is awsome and the wrapper is beautiful.This definately is my kind of cigar, it might not be for everyone but its definately foe me : )
The Factor in Beaverton Oregon June 27, 2007
"Nice looking, but a bit off the mark"
Very nicely built cigars (even the band is impressive): even burn, nice firm ash, interesting aroma. Alas, the flavor starts mild, but then gets a bit salty. The finish was too earthy/salty for my taste.
Doc Arnold in NV May 26, 2007
"Unique flavor."
A very satisfying smoke with a unique flavor and long finish. Has a Cuban-like "twang". Mine burned a bit crooked, but I'm looking forward smoking another and we'll see how that one burns.
Artie in Los Angeles May 6, 2007
The smoke was plentiful and aromatic and the burn was consistently good. The taste was very good with creamy tones. I am ordering another box. This was a very tasty medium blend cigar and a good looking one also.
Jim in Chattanooga March 6, 2007
Great smoke with an consistent even burn, terrific taste, mild to medium cigar with an absolutely beautifull wrapper.
Don Nelson in PA February 25, 2007
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