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Perdomo Lot 23 Toro Reviews [view details]

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this was an excellent smoke. the flavor was fantastic the burn great and the draw as easy as a anything i have ever smoked. fantastic cigar give the toro or churchill a try!
TIM W. in ATLANTA March 19, 2011
"Great Smoke For The Price"
I picked up a box of these long enough ago that they're no longer on my Famous purchase history. I smoked more than 1/2 the box pretty fast, thinking they were pretty good and cheap enough that I didn't feel bad about smoking them all. I recently dug one out after my tastes changed to LFD DL's and Oliva V's. The cellophane was yellow/amber in color. The cigar smelled great. It was spicy and sweet, closer to full body than I remember. Very good, and has me looking at buying another box for aging.
CharlesD in Irving, TX February 19, 2011
"(( over rated ))"
The Pordomo Lot 23 Toro cigar is a dark chocolate colored cigar with numerous veins. It is a loosely packed cigar, with an uneven burn. The cigar has a cardboard taste, that is bitter in mouth and on the pallet, and stings the nose, as it burns. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate this cigar 2
Robb in Pontiac, Michigan June 10, 2010
"what a joke"
they need to do something else with lot 23, grow bananas maybe,poor taste,bad burn quality, poor construction, i will stay with rp brand
bob in ohio May 18, 2010
"My absolute favorite"
1 word, perfect. perfect draw, perfect burn, perfect ash, i love them. Some quality time in the humidor makes them even better.
Eric in New York August 12, 2009
"Smooth and Creamy"
Mild,smooth,creamy smoke with good draw and nice ash. The only thing keeping it from being a ten is taste. Somewhat bland. However I would recommend these to anyone.
Wayne in Walling August 6, 2009
"superior medium full"
This is better than Perdomo Golf and Champagne. I tried the churchills, thought they were great, and was dissappointed to smoke the last of the box. I think it really develops and deepens thru the longer length.
phil in Philly October 2, 2008
"Pass On This One"
I like most of the cigars that come from Perdomo, however this one falls short. I ordered a box of Maduro Toro's, once they arrived I tried one immediately. This stick was splitting all the way down as I tried to smoke it. Figuring they must have dried out a little at the warehouse, I stored the rest in my humidor, didn't get any better. Also the taste was very mild in my opinon, too mild.
Joe B in South of Boston, MA August 4, 2008
"Worth Trying out."
Every one I know that smokes these likes them. I agree. They are fair and balanced, unlike FOX news. After I mute Bill O'Liely I light one up and enjoy the silence.
Yoop in Oklahoma May 1, 2008
"Now One of My Favorites"
I took a shot when these first hit the streets and ordered a box from FSS. Man, what a pleasant suprise! A gorgeous smoke right out of the box
Steven A in Simi Valley, CA January 1, 2008
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