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Perdomo Patriarch Reviews

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Perdomo Patriarch Robusto
"Perdomo Patriarch"
Clearly the best of the brand. This high end smoke is worthy of the Patriarch name for a prestigious cigar maker. Just got another 10 pack in the mail today. Immediately torched one on the patio with a nice glass of Jim Beam Ghost. Life is good.
Tim in Kansas City June 27, 2014
Perdomo Patriarch Robusto
"Good quality smoke"
Perdomo has stepped up there game in the last few years another stick worthy of your attention...
Joe in Mass April 29, 2013
Perdomo Patriarch Robusto
"Not bad, not the best"
Probably the best from the Perdomo line of cigars. Nice maduro wrapper and full flavor without the "knock out". Very consistent, nice burn, surprisingly low amount of smoke. Looks fantastic. Taste is just 6/10. Overall above average, looks nice in the humi.
Frank in KC April 7, 2013
Perdomo Patriarch Torpedo Connecticut
"Choice Cigar"
A highly recommended cigar. Perdomo's Habano Connecticut used to be my favorite until I tried this bad boy. The draw was honestly the best of any cigar I've ever had, the strength was mild-medium (just the way I love it). Flavor rivals all of Perdomo's best. Again, absolutely worth trying!
Kason in Seattle March 6, 2013
Perdomo Patriarch Robusto Corojo
"Perpetual search for great cigars"
Ordered a box for my 25 box humidor 2 years ago. Smoked last one a few days ago and ordering another box. Fantastic cigar offering great flavor with an exceptional draw.
Artie in Folsom, California June 21, 2012
Perdomo Patriarch Robusto
"Not so good"
Taste good, but draw and burn is really bad.
Fede June 14, 2012
Perdomo Patriarch Epicure Corojo
"Very good cigar for relaxing."
Excellent flavor, no hot spots, smooth draw.
Jon June 14, 2012
Perdomo Patriarch Robusto
"perfect draw, full flavor"
one of my favs so far!!
brian in greenville, sc May 31, 2012
Perdomo Patriarch Robusto
"One Fine Cigar"
This was a great cigar! I was totally not expecting the great flavor this stick packs. Nice and peppery at the start and smoother towards the end. Its a little stronger than I would prefer for a regular cigar but an amazing change of pace!
Smittay in Modesto,Ca May 5, 2012
Perdomo Patriarch Robusto
"Top Notch"
If there is a better cigar than this, I have yet to find it.
Smittay in Modesto,Ca May 5, 2012 May 3, 2012
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