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"Great case with great seal"
This case is the best investment I've made with my cigars it keeps them fresh with the humidifier in bottom and great seal and construction
Dylan J. in South Carolina June 17, 2013
"Protects small and mid gauge sticks well"
Strong and durable. Holds small and mid sized cigars well. Other review means to say does not hold 60 ring size. Also tight on 56s
Roberto in Puerto Rico June 10, 2012
"Nicely made ABS plastic cigar case"
I just recieved my case yesterday. It's built well and should be plenty durable for daily use. I like that fact that it has the built in mini-humidor which will help keep your sticks fresh day in and day out. For the price, this is a great buy!
Shawn in New York July 21, 2011
"Excellent for daily carry, up to 50 ring."
I carry it every day. However, I like to smoke robusto and toro sized cigars. Those sizes tend to rub the sides of the case, and most need the bands removed to fit. It's given a couple scars on the 50 ring cigars. However, if you smoke pantelas, 48 ring churchills, coronas, lonsdales, they fit perfectly fine. Don't use more than 2-3 drops of distilled water, any more and the cigars get too moist on the foot. I give it a *9 of 10*. I just wish it could accommodate 50 ring cigars more comfortably. That said, I still use it to carry them, sans-bands.
Gerard in Atlanta, GA October 8, 2009