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Perfecto XLT Travel Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"I Wouldn't Describe it as "Perfecto.""
I was looking for a small, cheap humidor to keep in my car. Take it to the golf course, traveling out of town, etc. While the rigid plastic is tough enough for travel, there is no seal. The two halves fit together tightly, but there is no seal. Not a bad seal, or inadequate seal, NO seal. This is good enough for taking out for the day and protect from crushing, but don't think you can store cigars in this.
ceep in New York September 12, 2013
"Nice, But Hygrometer Useless"
This was just what I needed for travel, however the hygrometer does not work right. Good thing i don't anticipate keeping these cigars in here long! lol
Cwick in Joplin, MO May 17, 2012
"Works, but user for smaller than churchills"
I have this and have used it often when going on the boat, or when just wanting to carry a few sticks. It works well, even though like said before the Hygrometer does not really work, even though the sponge holder does keep them moist. Due to the way the top slips on the bottom, with no safety stop, you can crush a long stogie. So I would only use it for smokes shorter than a Churchill.
TimtheRockstar in Texas November 27, 2011
"Sturdy and convenient, great buy"
It is a sturdy and convenient small humidor. It holds it seal pretty good and it perfect for the short trip when you want more then 2 or 3 cigars with you.
Paul in Queens, NY September 27, 2011
"Sturdy But........."
sturdy with a good seal. hygrometer doesn't seem to work though. it won't go below 85 no matter what. it will go above 85 but not below it. tried leaving it open...doesn't work right. i have the free sticks i got inside now and im merely rolling the dice since the gauge is broke
mike in February 27, 2010
"Sturdy and economical!"
I got this travel humidor on sale, just in time for an upcoming Caribbean cruise. It is very strong and will hold even uncommon shapes like the box-pressed Torano Exodus 1959 torpedo. The Spanish cedar divider smells exquisite as well. This little case is just the ticket for keeping your sticks safe and fresh while travelling; at a very good price too.
Dave C. in Beaufort, SC February 16, 2010