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"Enjoyed very much"
Received one free from cigar monster. Enjoyed this cigar to the nub! Very well constructed, nice flavor,pleasantly surprised. Will order more.
Mike in Ohio July 2, 2014
"An interesting smoke"
The first thing I noticed was how easily this cigar lit. However the next thing was a medium to strong taste with an after bite. This went on for about the first 1/2 in then... magically all things change. It became a nice, mellow, mild to medium tasting smoke. Now, I am an intermittant smoker... a puff every 2 to 4 or 5 minutes so occasionaly a cigar will go out. This, after 5 minutes, wnt out. As I relit, an odd thing happened. For the next 1/2 in the smoke was again medium to strong and it had that after bite again. Then, as before, it suddenly changed to mild to medium again for the rest of the smoke. The only problem I had with this nice cigar was a slight uneven burn. A good cigar for a Jekyll %26 Hyde taster.
Bobby in Huntington, NY June 29, 2014
"Pleasant, smooth, light"
This mild cigar is perfect as an after-breakfast stick. The light ecuadorian wrapper smokes like a connecticut, but without the varnishy off-tastes that comes along with some other brands in this price range. The flavor is not complex, which makes it perfect for a cool summer day. I m tempted to say this cigar is under-priced, but you won t see me complaining. They got it just right.
Jim B in Galloway, NJ June 22, 2014
"Free taster!"
Got this with a Cigar Monster purchase. Looked great out of the package. Good construction with that nice box-pressed feel and razor sharp burn. Big one-inch ashes and lots of thick smoke. I will definitely be considering this for a light tasting cigar to keep on hand! Thanks Famous!
Shawn in Colorado June 5, 2014
"Not My Cup Of Tea"
Cigar looked good and the burn was OK. Construction was a little soft and I kept waiting to turn the corner for the taste to improve. After the first half and no improvements in taste I m sad to say I had to chuck it. Won t revisit this one.
Mr. Blues in Central MN June 4, 2014
"free and delicious"
Recieved one of these free with my cigar monster purchase! Was skeptical at first but thought what the heck! Very well constructed looks and tastes good has a good draw with an almost perfect burn!! Will be ordering some for the old humidor soon!!
dustin in missouri May 30, 2014
"This is the stick I compare others to!"
What a surprise this Perla is! My brother brought one by to celebrate dads b-day. A thick creamy smoke, with outstanding flavor. Great burn, and construction as well. My son and I still compare all other sticks we try to the Perla. Great price for a cigar of this quality. Will be trying the TG next!
Gary in California March 13, 2014
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10 Draw (91) 100
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10 Construction (93) 100
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