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"Perla Del Mar Perla TG - Outstanding!"
Let me start by saying I m not a huge Connecticut wrapper fan. That being said, I got this as a bonus cigar with an order I placed. I read the reviews and thought, Ok, we ll see about that. . I tried it last night for an Independence Day celebratory smoke, and was completely blown away. Have I mentioned that I m not a huge Connecticut wrapper fan? I could not BELIEVE the awesome flavor of this cigar. I almost burned my lips smoking it out of existence. VERY sorry to see this one die. So I went back and dug deeper on my research and, sure enough, there was the reason staring me in the face. Before lighting this cigar up, I had no idea who made it. When I discovered it was a J.C. Newman creation, everything suddenly became crystal clear. I will be buying these IN BULK at the earliest opportunity. Mr. Newman, YOU sir, are a genius. This is the ONLY Connecticut wrapper I will be stocking in my humidor.
Mike in Tennessee July 5, 2014
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