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Personal Ashtray Reviews [view details]

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"not worth the MSRP"
The darn thing doesn't keep it's good looks for being stainless ? the finish turns very distresed after only a wash or two ( Not the dishwasher ) On a positive note it does what it is supposed to do, that is hold a cigar and a place to put the ashes however if you are smoking anything larger that a cigarello you'll need to empty it a few times.
Tse'Nagi (BuffaloSpirit) in Oneida Nation (ReZ ) Wisconsin July 3, 2012
"El Cheapo"
Yes I got one I forget what I payed for it no matter it was almost a waste of $$s, I keep it in the garage where looks don't matter too much, It seemed like I just took a long look at it and it started to rust..
Buffalo Spirit in U S A June 20, 2012
It rusted within a month not stainless steel
Whit in Savannah Ga May 15, 2011
"A really bad purchase"
I bought this ashtray thinking it might be of quality, but was dissapointed. It was made of flimsy tin and was made in China. It's so small it won't hold the ashes from a single cigar. Buyers beware.
Denny Hatcher in Peoria, IL October 26, 2010