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Petri Reviews

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Petri Toscanelli (5)
"Not bad little smokes"
Sweet tasting in the beginning then just plain mild tobacco taste. Tight and hard so can be finicky. Burned longer than I expected.
Matt in NH June 13, 2013
Petri Toscanelli (5)
2, 3 out of each pack are packed so tight they almost impossible to draw.
Dennis in Minnesota May 15, 2013
Petri Toscani (2)
"A cigar worthy Clint Eastwood"
A different experience from your average cigar. I happen to like these,not complex at all but dark and earthy with flavors of espresso a little coco and spice albeit a little on the harsh side it'll put hair on your chest. A good cigar for out doors or someone on a budget.
Mr.Tsunoda May 2, 2013
Petri Toscanelli (5)
"Great flavor Great taste Great flavor Great taste"
I think these are some of the coolest small cigars on the market along with the Parodis ,Ramrods,and lets not forget the Famous stubbies. What I like most of these is the taste of tobacco with no hints of this and that etc... I think the smell is swell too. I keep a box or two on hand most of the time
R.Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation Wi February 1, 2010
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