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Phillies Blunt Chocolate Aroma Reviews [view details]

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"A very tasty Cigar"
I have smoked these Cigars for years. A very Tasty Cigar. I have had people tell me they like the smell, that they dont smell like other Cigars. the boxes I have purchased have all been fresh.
Bruce in Arizona June 9, 2011
so i have bought many boxes of these cigars and i love them! but the last box i bought (from here) everyone of the cigars had a pin hole about 2 inches from the tip. this makes the draw weird.. i hope this was just a manufacturing mishap as i am ordering another box :)
Tom in MA April 19, 2011
"Good Cigars"
I smoke these cigars alot cause they are available at cheap costs, and and have great aroma. They also still taste good even after you give them a re-light, they hold there flavor. If you like cheap decent cigars, smoke these and save money.
Ian in New York November 1, 2010
"Good sweet chocolaty smoke"
I really like this cigar once in a while. It's a very mild tobacco flavor with chocolaty taste throughout. I think only the tip is flavored but the chocolate taste stays all the way through. It will satisfy a sweet tooth and a tobacco taste at the same time. Decent smoke production, too. I have had worse smokes at the $/stick range. The worst rating I would give this stick is in the burn category. It burns inconsistently and fairly fast. That's another thing I's a relatively fast smoke when I don't have time for a 1.5 hour cigar. Phillies, Dutch Masters, and other drug store cigars get little respect but can be fairly good smokes.
Bandy in Midwest October 21, 2010
"Only cigar I smoke...."
This is the only cigar I smoke. You have to open up the hole for better draw, but they burn cool, taste great and my wife loves the way I smell after I smoke them. Cheaper than cologne!
Anthony B in SLC, UT October 14, 2010
"My Favorite Flavor"
Chocolate Aroma is the best of the Phillies I've tried, the others boxes of Strawberry and Peach. The foil wrapper, the dark color, and the great taste (after half a box smoked) leads to believe that I'll probably reorder this flavor when the time comes.
Michael K. in Grand Prairie, TX July 11, 2010
"Good price, great smoke"
The aroma and flavor is like its smoke, sweet and thick. It's priced just right so that you're not afraid to invite all your friends for a drink and a smoke. Good times, sweet cigars.
Felipe in WA January 11, 2010
"Great smoke"
Excellent taste. Great for after dinner !
in July 20, 2009
"Great!! Both my son and I love these cigars"
Great cigars!
Miguel in Flower Mound,TX January 1, 2009
great everyday smoke good taste and aroma
cory in November 21, 2008
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10 Construction (85) 100
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