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Phillies Blunt Reviews [view details]

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Not for everyone except for those who like sweet cigars.
Rich in US August 9, 2012
"Phillie Blunts"
I have tried several cigars over the past couple months. Those include the Garcia y Vega Elegante, Dutch Master Palmas, Phillie Chocolate Blunts and the Phillie Blunts. I did not care for the chocolate blunts. I smoked a regular Phillie Blunt today. The taste was good. The burn is quick. It is a sturdy cigar. The smoke have a good aroma to it. But in the end, I will be sticking with the Dutch Master Palma. I will smoke the Phillie when I need a change.
Ray in Maine July 8, 2012
"No good"
I'm always on the look out for the best cigar I can get for a low price, don't go with the Phillie. The first draw is good but then you find yourself smoking just pure crap. Don't buy.
Evan in Lebanon Pa May 7, 2012
"Not a bad cigar"
I tried a chocolate aroma first and didn't appreciate it, sweet smoke, sweet tip, it was just too much, but I DID like the underlying cigar flavor. I took a chance and ordered a box from famous, a very nice mellow slightly sweet cigar perfect for a quick smoke or while working in the yard. I have to mention that the cigars from famous were MUCH fresher and in better condition than the ones purchased at the local smoke shop. Thanks Famous.
Curtis in New York July 22, 2011
A decent smoke for the money.Don't like the flavored ones but the regulars are decent.
Bob in NY November 9, 2010
"Much better options out there"
Inexpensive, yes. But good smokes? No. I don't care at all for the sweetness added to the wrapper. The flavor isn't great, but it's not terrible, and I dislike the sugary tip so much that it ruins the experience for me. I will say that they are nicely and consistently constructed, though I don't like the punched (rather than cut) end. For about the same price, you can get La Aurora Principes, which are a much MUCH better cigar. There are other good alternatives too in about the same size and price range. I'll keep the rest of my box for when I'm drunk or desperate, but it'll take me a while to burn through the ones I've got.
Charles in Oregon September 26, 2010
"surprisingly mild, good quality cigar"
Surprisingly mild, good quality cigar. impressive. And American made.
michael in south boston, virginia March 29, 2009
"Go Phils"
Just like the baseball team of the same name, they're great! Go Phillies Blunt..smoke the Rays
mike in October 23, 2008
"Decent, but about as low as anyone should go."
Phillies are, in my opinion, about as low on the cigar totem pole as you can get and still get a halfway decent smoke. The trick with Phillies though is that really only their flavored ones are worth anything. They make for good casual smokes and the flavoring is probably some of the best in the market, so you get an even tasting smoke and the burning actually smells pretty pleasant. Even for convenience store smokes, you can buy better, but if you must get a cheap cigar, Phillies might as well be the one you pick.
Dan in July 15, 2008
"Good machine made cigars"
Love the Coconut ones, smoke them all the time. I have a humidor full of more expensive stuff but find the Phillies Blunts smoke easy and suit me fine.
Drath in Maryland May 19, 2008
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