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Phillies Blunt Strawberry Reviews [view details]

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"GOOD smoke"
These are mild and sweet and aromatic.
Dee Jaye Teutsch in Louisianan July 9, 2013
"I like"
william in snowville oh February 11, 2012
"The go to flavored cigar"
I've smoked a lot of cigars including the premium brands (CAO, RP, Cohiba) but once in a while I'll stop at a gas station and grab one of these babies. They never let me down when I'm craving a flavored cigar.
Dave in Buffalo July 4, 2011
"My first yet best experience with flavoured cigars"
Flavoured cigarillos and expensive Cuban cigars was all that I smoked until recently. One day the store I went to had only Phillie's Blunt Strawberry, and absolutely no other cigars or flavoured cigarillos unless I wanted to wait for a couple of days for the new shipment. Instead of waiting, I decided to give Phillie's Blunt Strawberry a try, out of "obligation". Oh boy, was that the nicest obligation of my life! Now that most flavoured blunts are getting illegalized in Canada and thus becoming scarce, I've found myself surfing the internet for online American retailers shipping flavoured blunts to Canada. No I'm not crazy, and yes, they are THAT good! Chocolate version is quite nice as well, but this strawberry stuff is out of this world for sure!
Saygun in Canada June 16, 2010
"Very nice for the price!"
Mild from start to finish, goes well with my scotch and tonics, and has a pleasing aroma (wife approved!)
Michael in Grand Prairie, TX April 1, 2010
"great 4 price"
it taste great, i like it. quality is not bad, i dno't like cigaretts and i don't smoke much maybe 1 or twice in a month so if I be out i will buy this one.
mo in augusta,ga March 22, 2010
FRANK in lisle 60532 January 7, 2009
"good cigar to start out with..."
Smoked this on graduation, first cigar pretty good to start out with since you don't have to cut it and doesn't make a difference if you use matches or a lighter
Ryan in PA September 16, 2008
"A classic cheap cigar. Flavorful and mild."
This cigar is a classic case of something that is used for, different, intentions. Such as filling it with something else, if you catch my drift. Not my favorite strawberry cigar, but it gets the job done.
Will Stevens in Alabama May 26, 2008
"Phillies Blunt Strawberry"
This is a very affordable,mild and sweet tasting cigar to try. A very good starter cigar,burns for 25 minutes and beats most cigars,even the ones that are triple the price! I simply love it...
Martin in Canadian in Bangkok,Thailand May 12, 2008
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10 Construction (89) 100
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