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Phillies Reviews

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Phillies Blunt Chocolate Aroma
"I love puffing when i can get one none in town why"
best blunt
mike stellina in ca usa January 18, 2014
Phillies Titan
I love em' I'll admit I haven't smoked a lot of high priced cigars or that i'm a cigar aficionado but of all I've smoked these are the best smooth consistent good flavor BIG mild but still stout enough for a real man long story short I'm a fan.
THE PATRIOT in KENTUCKY December 17, 2013
Phillies Blunt 5 Pack
i am phillies lover. i love cigar
shahid in fsd December 11, 2013
Phillies Blunt
"A very smooth and pleasant cigar"
This cigar provides for a very pleasant smoking experience until the smoke burns the absolute crap out of your cornea. Seriously. Do not allow the smoke from this cigar to permeate anywhere near your glassy look-holes. You will face pain and so much sadness.
Hannah in California November 9, 2013
Phillies Blunt
"really great cigars"
I love these cigars.the best one i have to keep on hand are the Phillies blunt brown chocolate.man these things rock with a dark beer very relaxing after a long day.thanks for coming up with them and please keep manufacturing them.smoke on!
patric c in mesquite October 2, 2013
Phillies Blunt Chocolate Aroma
"Chocolate. Phillips cigars small"
Good. Would like to purchase
James Rease jr in Cleveland. Oh August 8, 2013
Phillies Titan
"Great . . Can't Find Better . . ."
This is an unbelievably good smoke - - for this price OR any price! ENJOY!
Steve Moynahan in Massachusetts July 13, 2013
Phillies Titan
"Still Good but Going Downhill"
I've smoked these for many years and still very much enjoy them. I have, however, noted recently that the quality is going downhill, not to mention the incredibly cheap box. Consistency and quality issues are much more common lately.
Steve Ambrosini in North Carolina July 13, 2013
Phillies Blunt Strawberry
"GOOD smoke"
These are mild and sweet and aromatic.
Dee Jaye Teutsch in Louisianan July 9, 2013
Phillies Blunt Grape
"Best Bang For your Buck"
These cigars were great. They have a great taste, well constructed, and nice draw. This is a great cigar and cheap priced.
Jordan B. in Bama July 2, 2013
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