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Phillies Reviews

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Phillies Blunt
"Latest batch stale,dry and unsmokeable!"
For the last month I have bought buy one get one packs at to different convenience stores and the cigars are old, dry, won't draw, over packed, and when broken in half out of frustration, almost turn to dust!!!!
Bud in Newport March 7, 2013
Phillies Cigarillos Strawberry (3) Foil Fresh
These are always fresh, slightly sweet but not too sweet. I love them.
Jamie Menuez in Ohio February 26, 2013
Phillies Titan
"A true winner!"
Over the past ten years or so, I've smoke many premium cigars costing $5 to $12 per stick. A golf buddy told me about Phillies Titan, so I tried one. I liked it, so bought a box of 5. Since then, it's all I smoke. For less than $1 per stick, it provides a great draw, even burn, wonderful taste, and a nice aroma. Even my wife says it smells better than the expensive cigars. And if I'm interrupted in the middle of a cigar, I don't sweat it if I have to put it out and go about my business. Take it from someone who has spent a lot of money on premium name brand cigars: Phillies Titans are a true winner!
Charles Anderson in Nashville, TN February 20, 2013
Phillies Titan
"I like them!"
For a machine made cigar these are really good. Burns well and are well contructed. My wife says the aroma is "pungent", (she calls them "El Stencho Offendo Grandes".) Still I've been buying them and will continue to do so.
Shawn in New Mexico January 31, 2013
Phillies Cigarillos Brown (5)
"Spicy, sweet, affordable."
These aren't just my favorite--they're a memory. My father smokes these, and they were the ONLY cigars my mother ever let him smoke in the house or car--they are a gorgeous smelling cigar once lit. Pre-lit, they are definitely sweet and the flavor is a deep chocolate--but lit, and it's an entirely different ball game. Very much a warm, earthy-sort of spice, with almost a cinnamon like smoke. They DO get a touch on the harsh side about 3/4rths of the way through. I don't actually inhale, (although occasionally I meander off and forget) I enjoy these for taste, texture, smell and feel--I would say if you are looking to inhale these and are new to cigar smoking that you might want to skip these, they are very strong. Stick to cigarettes for inhaling/fixes. The boxes arrived in the mail from this site 100% in tact, no damage what-so-ever. All of them were individually wrapped, and the quality of the cigarillos themselves aren't bad--'specially for again, price and machine made. Would recommend these for the price conscious and the taste seekers.
M.Pence in FL January 4, 2013
Phillies Titan
"Great Cigar!"
I have been smoking cigars for a while and been looking for a really great cigar for a budget. I decided to give these machine made cigars a try because of their price and I was truly surprised. They look like a hand rolled cigar and lit up well too. The flavor was good and consitent, and it never tunneled as I smoked it. For a machine made cigar, these are incredible and I would recommend that any cigar smoker should at least try these for the price.
Justin in North Dakota November 7, 2012
Phillies Blunt
"Bad Wrappers"
Mild cigars with aggravating wrappers. Pull tabs frequently fail. Very frustrating when on the golf course and have no knife available. May have to switch brands.
Carl in Virginia October 7, 2012
Phillies Blunt
"Wrappers are disgsting!!"
After 30 years of smoking Phillies Blunts, I am disgusted with the wrappers and having to make the hole larger just so the smoke can come through!!!! What is going on???? If this keeps up, I am switching cigars!
Gary in Middleboro Massachusetts October 6, 2012
Phillies Blunt
"It's the lousy wrapper!"
I couldn't agree more than with what "John in Nashua, Nh" said! I truly like the cigar and have been smoking them for several years .... but the wrapper can be a real pain! It's better lately .... but still very unpredictable! As for the cigar itself, very mild, goes well with a glass .... or two .... of a good cabernet! My wife and I share many an evening on the patio winding down the day with a Phillies blunt and a glass of wine. Yes, my wife smokes cigars! She gave up cigarettes over 5 years ago when I introduced her to cigars! That's a real PLUS!
Richard in Council Bluffs, IA August 24, 2012
Phillies Blunt
"Packaging Sucks!"
These things are a pain to get out of the wrapper.Where it has that little tab you pull to unwrap. It will go so far then it comes off without finishing completely leaving you to go get a tool to open it I got a knife and a pair of scissors to finish the job not just once but many times.Nobody give a damn about packaging. I've broken a few of these cigars just trying to get them out of the wrapper. Good smoke but lousy packaging.
John in Nashua Nh August 11, 2012
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