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"Yet Another Positive Review For Titan"
I also live in Hialeah and we have some fine tabacos here. But I always keep some Phillie Titan and Blunts at the house or in the car for a smoke break. A mild blend, The sweet dipped natural tabacco pulp rapper on the Titan makes this cigar especialmente agradable.
Eddie in Hialeah, FL December 24, 2014
"great every day cigar...!"
I live in Miami, near Little Havana, and I have easy access to some very fine cigars and like to collect them for use on occasions. But I m super appreciative for the wide sale availability and affordability of the Phillies TITAN cigar. It s my twice daily fix and the quality of tobacco is better than any other drug store cigar. I Highly recommend the Phillies TITAN to all my fellow nicotine addicts....!
Glenn61 in Miami, FL December 23, 2014
"not bad for machine made cigar"
when i started smoking cigars i would buy 2 boxes at a time 100 cigars in all they are a very cheap cigar i smoke hi end a lot more if your on a budget its ok but would i buy them again no i wouldnt i just wait till i have the money to buy some hi end cigars that are $70 - $200 a bundle i have 2 humidors a 50 count and a 20 count they are filled with sticks they are $8-$20 a cigar sorry but i just wont smoke them any more if u want a cheap cigar factory throwouts are a better cigar and are about $25 for a bundle of 20
dan in hanover October 31, 2014
"great taste wraped tight"
great taste wrapped tight dont have to worry about burning holes in shirts just to high around here
Dennis Barnum in Rockville Mo February 15, 2014
I love em' I'll admit I haven't smoked a lot of high priced cigars or that i'm a cigar aficionado but of all I've smoked these are the best smooth consistent good flavor BIG mild but still stout enough for a real man long story short I'm a fan.
THE PATRIOT in KENTUCKY December 17, 2013
"Great . . Can't Find Better . . ."
This is an unbelievably good smoke - - for this price OR any price! ENJOY!
Steve Moynahan in Massachusetts July 13, 2013
"Still Good but Going Downhill"
I've smoked these for many years and still very much enjoy them. I have, however, noted recently that the quality is going downhill, not to mention the incredibly cheap box. Consistency and quality issues are much more common lately.
Steve Ambrosini in North Carolina July 13, 2013
"A true winner!"
Over the past ten years or so, I've smoke many premium cigars costing $5 to $12 per stick. A golf buddy told me about Phillies Titan, so I tried one. I liked it, so bought a box of 5. Since then, it's all I smoke. For less than $1 per stick, it provides a great draw, even burn, wonderful taste, and a nice aroma. Even my wife says it smells better than the expensive cigars. And if I'm interrupted in the middle of a cigar, I don't sweat it if I have to put it out and go about my business. Take it from someone who has spent a lot of money on premium name brand cigars: Phillies Titans are a true winner!
Charles Anderson in Nashville, TN February 20, 2013
"I like them!"
For a machine made cigar these are really good. Burns well and are well contructed. My wife says the aroma is "pungent", (she calls them "El Stencho Offendo Grandes".) Still I've been buying them and will continue to do so.
Shawn in New Mexico January 31, 2013
"Great Cigar!"
I have been smoking cigars for a while and been looking for a really great cigar for a budget. I decided to give these machine made cigars a try because of their price and I was truly surprised. They look like a hand rolled cigar and lit up well too. The flavor was good and consitent, and it never tunneled as I smoked it. For a machine made cigar, these are incredible and I would recommend that any cigar smoker should at least try these for the price.
Justin in North Dakota November 7, 2012
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10 Construction (76) 100
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