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Phillies Titan Reviews [view details]

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"Smooth, great taste"
I'm not a regular cigar smoker, but enjoy one every now and then. These are very good cigars, especially for the money. From time to time, I like a premium cigar, but for daily smoking, you can't beat these!
John in Texas May 31, 2011
"Better than most."
For a machine rolled, drugstore brand, I think these are the best I've tried. Mild, even burning, and never a bad draw. I can't count how many expensive cigars I've bought over the years with little flavor and terrible draw. These are the perfect yard-gars in my opinion. Ya can't beat the price either on a cigar this size...
Randy W. in Indianapolis May 1, 2011
Great smoke,just had one today for the first time.Just like a premium cigar.Only problem i had was the burn and just a lil tar taste at the end but all in all a great deal.
Casey in Virginia August 15, 2010
"As good as it gets."
For the price you just have to be happy. If you're not, then empty your wallet and buy some cubans.
Peter H in Australia February 12, 2010
"I Have Tried Others and Have Allways Come Back"
I have been smoking these Phillies for about ten years, I have tried others in the same price range and have allways come back to these cigars. Cheap and a good deal at Famous Smoke Shop. Thanks
Mike M. in CA October 20, 2009
"Very Good"
Be it I'm relatively new to cigars I may not be the most reliable source but from my experience this is a good cigar and my only problem has been the burn but otherwise very good deal for your money.
Josh in New York June 17, 2009
"Good cigar, bad machining"
I liked the cigars, but nearly every one in box qas punched near the tip. Will try another box and hope for no problems.
larry in Phoenix AZ June 15, 2009
"Great cigars for the price, very flavorful."
This is a great bargain. These cigars are great if you want a quick smoke and are ideal for on the go. It's nice that they are already pre-punched so you don't have to carry around a cutter in your pocket. They are quite flavorful and have a very nice aroma. The burn is okay and they light up really easily. An excelent cigar and an overall good smoke.
Mason in Thousand Oaks June 1, 2009
"Great, low priced smoke ."
Approaching a Churchill size, this is a great, low priced smoke.
Michael Frysinger in South Boston, VA April 17, 2009
"Iv'e tryed many but now smoke"
I wish you would take the Titans one step further and make the Churchill. Thank you, R.E.Pope
Robert in Michigan October 29, 2008
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10 Construction (77) 100
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