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Pinar Del Rio Clasico Reviews

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Pinar Del Rio Clasico Connecticut Robusto
"Worst Buy of the Year"
I have ordered these cigars a couple of years ago and was pleasantly surprised by their taste and performance. I got a box of them again a couple of weeks ago and they had such a horrible taste that I couldn't even get past the first inch. Such a waste. Will never buy these again.
Peter in Phoenix September 12, 2014
PDR Clasico CT. Torpedo
Ordered these a year ago, maybe the aging helped, but wonderful flavor, smooth draw, exhale through the nose was great, as good or better than some of the high end smokes I ve had. Will defiantly order more.
Randy H in West Linn Oregon April 4, 2014
Pinar Del Rio Clasico Connecticut Toro
"Tastes like a cheap cigar"
Burns hot, smells and tastes like a cheap cigar. Disappointing.
Fiacre in New York City June 7, 2012
PDR Clasico CT. Torpedo
I'm not much to comment becuase I don't have the time but this cigar was so aweful I had to warn others. Creamy? It was like smoking leaves around a campfire. By far the worst cigar I have ever smoked absolutley no flavor just hot bad smoke flavor. I tasted this cigar for 3 days. Disgusting and aweful period!!!!
john b in buffalo ny September 25, 2011
Pinar Del Rio Clasico Connecticut Corona
"Great bargain"
I picked 2 of these up for a steal on the auction site. I was pleasantly surprised with how evenly and smooth these burned. Only had to relight once (very humid out so it could of played a part). This to me was a medium to full bodied cigar. Nothing in particular stood out in the flavors. Just a very decent cigar.
Charles in Maryland September 12, 2011
Pinar Del Rio Clasico Connecticut Corona
"Bring back the original"
This cigar has changed from the original, now sports a yellow ribbon and is but a shadow of its former self. Excellent construction and burn but that original tobacco is missing. There are already too many ordinary (yet well made) cigars out there.
Charles in Maryland September 12, 2011 December 23, 2010
Pinar Del Rio Clasico Connecticut Robusto
"The Name Says It All"
The name "Pinar Del Rio" does say it all, sadly that name is pine grove. The cigar tastes like it was dipped in Pine-Sol. This has got to be the worst cigar I ever had. It looks fine, burns even, and fairly well constructed, but it just tastes like garbage. I think I will give the rest of them to the homeless at the park, but I doubt that they will like them either.
Mouse in Scottsdale October 15, 2010
Pinar Del Rio Clasico Connecticut Robusto
A very sturdy, well made cigar, with high marks on all accounts. Highly Recommended.
T.e.Cs in Toledo, Ohio October 15, 2010
Pinar Del Rio Clasico Connecticut Robusto 5 Pack
"((( Bland )))"
The PDR Clasico Robusto is a well made cigar, with a light brown wrapper, and a nice flat cap. This is a mild cigar, with little or no flavor. Although the the ash burns clean, and white. Experienced smokers will defiantly crave more flavor. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate this robusto 3. Note--Opinion..Experienced smokers,Pass this one up.
Robb in Michigan August 16, 2010
Pinar Del Rio Clasico Corona
This corona is superb and is the closest match I have yet found to the Cuban Romeo y Julietas. Uncanny and masterful, suggesting significant experience on the part of the two originators. A bit loosely rolled and burns a tad faster as a result, but overall very well made and well worth the cost.
Paul H. in Fl October 13, 2009
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