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Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"A good cigar with serious burn issues"
This cigar has serious burn issues. Without this, it would be a good cigar. I bought the last box of 25 churchills on sale from Famous, and let them sit in my humidor for 10 days after receiving them. The first one I tried had to be re-lit about 6 times before I gave up and got nauseous over puffing. The next day, the second one I tried tunneled like crazy, the ash look like a knarly mess, and I still had to do several re-lights. I am going to exchange the box I have for the box of 20. Let's hope that Pinar has corrected this burn problem with its repackaged boxes of 20.
Odili in Philadelphia, PA August 7, 2010
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