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Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Reviews

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Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Robusto
"Smoked on from a sampler and was hooked"
Really, really enjoyed this full bodied beauty on my nightly cigar walk the other night. Yes there were some burn issues in the last third of the cigar, but the taste more than made up for it. I really don't see how you could have gotten that nice chocolate tar taste towards the end without some burn issues anyways.
Nat in Oregon September 11, 2011
Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Robusto
"Loved it!"
Really enjoyed it. Very flavorful, mine had a nice burn and powerful finish. I got mine in a sampler, and now I'm ordering a box of these.
Nat in Oregon September 10, 2011
Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Robusto 5 Pack
strong pointed flavor, burnt coffee taste... body is not over the top, but you will feel this in your stomach... medium dark in color, full dark in taste... will get through a rich dinner...
ds in oregon August 27, 2011
Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Toro
This has to be one of the best cigars I have smoked, period! Rich chocolate flavors that is silky smooth. And the wrapper is one of the oilist (sic) that I have ever seen. This cigar is a masterpiece.
Petar N. in Yelm, Wa. June 15, 2011
Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Robusto
"Good value"
One or two months in the humidor greatly improves the burn quality. For the price, these smokes are an excellent value. Meaty taste of the Brazilian wrapper is quite good. The labels on these are works of art.
Petar N. in Yelm, Wa. June 15, 2011 June 4, 2011
Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Robusto
"Not bad for the $"
I'd have to agree That this cigar has burn issues. I've only smoked two, so I can't really speak to consistancy. I score it well on all other catagories though. [pause] I just had to go out and puff on it again to keep it from going out. I guess you'll get that from any Oscuro wrapped Liga at this price.
Dusty in Iowa April 21, 2011
Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Robusto
"Reblend is much better"
Ok, so we all agree that the original had good flavor but did not burn very well. However, after ordering a fiver of the reblend I have to post this review. The reblend amps the flavor up a bunch. The burn line was not perfect but I didn't have to touch it up once. I'm glad I didn't give up on this brand. At least they are willing to keep improving their cigars instead of just releasing new blends.
Darren in Kansas October 12, 2010
Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Robusto
"Good, but Problematic"
Well, it's a fine cigar, but it has several problems. It's flavor, appearance, and draw are all very quite good. The taste is okay, and the consistency is tolerable. However, the burn is rather poor. In order to keep it lit, you must draw constantly, which made for a quick and disagreeable smoke. I would NOT advise buying it in bulk. You can buy the more pleasing house-brand Famous cigars for less price and better quality.
T.e.Cs in Toledo, Ohio October 8, 2010
Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Robusto
"Bad Burn"
Got 2 of these in a sampler. Both had real trouble keeping a good burn. They needed touchups about every 10-15 minutes.
Brian in Nor Cal September 12, 2010
Pinar Del Rio Habano Oscuro Churchill
"A good cigar with serious burn issues"
This cigar has serious burn issues. Without this, it would be a good cigar. I bought the last box of 25 churchills on sale from Famous, and let them sit in my humidor for 10 days after receiving them. The first one I tried had to be re-lit about 6 times before I gave up and got nauseous over puffing. The next day, the second one I tried tunneled like crazy, the ash look like a knarly mess, and I still had to do several re-lights. I am going to exchange the box I have for the box of 20. Let's hope that Pinar has corrected this burn problem with its repackaged boxes of 20.
Odili in Philadelphia, PA August 7, 2010
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