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Placeres Reserva Reviews

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Placeres Reserva Colosos
"Maduro-like Habano"
Starts off harsh but settles down after a half inch exhibiting Maduro-like dark chocolate, and black pepper and slight nuttiness on the aftertaste. It almost went out on me around the midpoint, after about 40 minutes. It then shifted from being full bodied to medium-to-full. A bit flat and not very complex overall, but rich and satisfying, with medium nicotine levels. Had an easy draw throughout, and a cool burn. If you enjoy the Sancho Panzas Double Maduro you will appreciate these. 90+ points
Stefan in City by the Bay April 24, 2014
Placeres Reserva Belicosos
"Absolutely magnificent."
Wow what a cigar, on my third box.
deltabtry in MA February 10, 2014
Placeres Reserva Estrellas
"develops into something in the 2nd. half"
good draw - good smoke output. slightly uneven burn. needed correction once. flat flavor profile in first half. develops better rich flavor with light fruity noted and mild cedar in the 2nd. half. good...but not great for the price. there are better cigars for less.
JW in Illinois October 11, 2013
Placeres Reserva Estrellas
reminds me of the Lou Rodriguez Bon Bon with just a milder finish. perfect balance,burn was off a touch but no biggy,great taste and aroma with enough complexity to keep it interesting.BOXWORTHY!!
figurado in cat square October 9, 2013
Placeres Reserva Estrellas
"Very Nicely Balanced -- Rich Smooth Smoke"
I continue to enjoy these nicely balanced, rich smooth smokes with just enough complexity to make it interesting while in a very smooth, even draw smoke. Seems right as a box shaped cigar.
Jim in Maine September 21, 2013
Placeres Reserva Estrellas
"Unique Quality Smoke"
Warm complex spice start with mellow finish. A nice wrapper, a smooth burning and excellent draw. Appears to use nice long fillers. I'm ordering my first box.
JLH in Maine September 9, 2013
Placeres Reserva Estrellas
"From Start To Finish a Real Nice Smoke"
A very pleasant and tasty smoke neither too harsh or sweet. I enjoyed it to the nub. I'll be sure to do so again and again.
Mr. Blues in Central MN August 28, 2013
Placeres Reserva Belicosos
"Excellent Cigar!!"
This is a beautiful cigar. First half is bold and spicy, then the other half is smooth and fruity. Definitely going to buy more!
Nick in Chicago May 7, 2013
Placeres Reserva Belicosos
An excellent cigar. This one is part of my top 5 so far. First half is spicy and rich, then last half is smooth and fruity.
Nick in Chicago May 6, 2013
Placeres Inmensos 10/5
"Famous,please keep buying these!!"
What a clean,refreshing smoke these cigars offer. Some burn a little rough,but for .50 cents each I cant complain. You can puff on these all day and never get tired of them! The Immenso size lasts a good 30-40 minutes. The wrappers are beautiful and veiny. This is no means a yard-gar. Thank you Famous for another solid value for the cigar smoking working man!! Now if you will excuse me, I have to buy me 2 more 50 packs!!
Scott Elliott in CA December 31, 2006
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