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Plasencia Accessories And Samplers Reviews

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The Ultimate Plasencia Sampler
"Great Smoke! Great Price!"
I orders these for my husband we are on a budget and couldn't beat the price. My husband loved each one he smoked so much that he had me order two more packs.
Sue in Califorina September 18, 2013
The Ultimate Plasencia Sampler
"A bundle of cigars that do not sell."
You would think that I am crazy, I recieved this sampler for free with a purchase. You should not compain for free, right?. After looking at the 63 dollar purchase price I want to speak up and perhaps save some folks their money. This is a collection of cigars that do not sell, they are tasteless, and I would not rate one ofthem higher than a 80, most in the lower 70s. If you are buying you may want to make another selection. Most of the cigars appear to be the "corona" to "petit corona" size. I for one would never buy them.
Ronald in San Antonio, TX September 7, 2012
The Ultimate Plasencia Sampler
"Good buy for price"
I think this is a must buy for the price that famous smoke gives you. The cigars in this sampler are all good and i enjoyed each of them and so did my friends!
Joseph in Chicago June 27, 2012
The Ultimate Plasencia Sampler
"I'm buying 'em again - for the 3rd time!"
As mild samplers go - this one is one of the best - both in terms of value and price. I'm really pleasesd and surprised just how tasty the LaFloridita Premiums are. The Plasencia Reserva Organica are the best with the Pai Gow being the weakest (I don't like sweetness in my cigars :-( The La Campina are also pleasantly tasty. I've had no trouble with burn or construction. I've poured over all the various 'sampler deals' from both Famous and Thompson and this one wins hands down. The problem with these reviews is what I call the 'Yelp Syndrom'- the way to balance them is by throwing out the best and the worst reviews and figure the truth is somewhere in the middle :-)
Mark B in Atlanta November 30, 2011
The Ultimate Plasencia Sampler
"Great smoke for under 2 bucks"
Great smoke for under 2 bucks, match's some five dollar name brands cigars.
Tom T. in New Jersey November 9, 2011
'Best Of Plasencia' Sampler #2
"Pleasure Puff, thats what it is."
Beware samplers I was told by cigar freinds.But Famous has some of the most incredible tasting cigars for the price.Never thought I'd find this kind of deal.
Bryce L in Oregon October 23, 2011
The Ultimate Plasencia Sampler
"Not worth the money"
Four cigars in this sampler were ok. The rest were plain nasty.
Johnny Z in Norris Lake Tn September 30, 2011
'Best Of Plasencia' Sampler #1
"worth every penny!"
Great value and even better cigars. I would recommend these for novices to the most seasoned cigar smokers even if not just for the great value!
chris in ma September 26, 2011
The Ultimate Plasencia Sampler
"Worth the money!"
A lot of mild ones in here. Most of them burned well, and the draw was good. Worth the money.
Ric in Dayton, Ohio September 19, 2011
The Ultimate Plasencia Sampler
"Not bad but not good either, plain and tasteless"
Just not a great bunch of cigars. Lack flavor. Contruction was good but beyond that nothing much to say.
Don in Wshington state September 12, 2011
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