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"A Pleasant Surprise"
This cigar is a tasty one with a clean flavor. Mild-medium strength of nuts, pepper, creamy vanilla and honey in a balanced combination with a nice fermented tobacco taste. I felt better after smoking it compared to other cigars that sometimes give me a headache and make me feel a bit sick.
Jordan in New Jersey March 20, 2014
"good but a bit much"
I liked the taste but it was a bit strong for my liking. I would put this cigar above medium.
djm in Indiana October 15, 2013
"Great flavor, and my body doesn't hate me afterwar"
Most reviewers of these organics are taking the wrong approach: they light one or two up, smoke them, and then give their analysis. That?s like eating a couple of healthy meals after a steady diet of McDonalds and talking about the flavors and textures of the food. The real test for eating healthy is to do it for several days, then take a reading on how well your body likes it. I also like drinking beer, even commercial brew. But the commercial stuff is loaded with chemical stabilizers, preservatives and flavor enhancers. When I drink my all natural homebrew, it not only tastes better but my body loves me the next morning. I feel energized, not depleted. Most commercial tobacco is grossly loaded with chemical additives and pesticides. This is the source of most of the carcinogens. They do really bad things to your body, even though the flavor at the moment is enjoyable. Try a steady diet of these organics for a few days. You will enjoy the flavor, and I bet your body will love you enough you will feel better as well. I know mine does.
Dean in Terre Haute IN February 9, 2012
For $9.50 a stick, it's simply not worth it. Even though it burned really even and had a great draw, the taste is quite bland, woody at first, and by half, began to sting my mouth. Nothing too special, try it, but beware the price tag.
Five5 in Bloomingdale, IL July 28, 2007
"Dont wast your money"
I bought a five pack of churchills on the auction site. Good construction and burn but very dissatisfied with taste.
Shane Stutzman in April 28, 2006
"Taste like rotten fish"
These cigars are terrible , a huge waste of money
Fred in Panajachel, Guatemala November 7, 2005
"I guess size matters"
I'm the guy above who raved about the robusto, but have just had the disappointing experience of smoking a couple of churchills. Apparently the flavor comes from the binder and filler, 'cause this narrower and longer smoke just doesn't get it. A hint of the flavor is there, but that's it. I'd trade you eight of these churchills for one robusto. Choose wisely, herfmates.
LDS in Korea July 18, 2005
"Good, sustainable, but expensive"
I agree with many of the other reviewers here... I work for a company that deals almost entirely in the Organic market. While I understand the sustainable agriculture concept, I can't quite bring myself to pay for these smokes. These are GOOD cigars, no doubt. And I understand the price if they are truly grown organically. However, they are simply too highly priced for me to purchase. I highly recommend this smoke for those interested in a nice cigar with a social consciousness.
Shawn in Orange County, CA January 31, 2005
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10 Construction (93) 100
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