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Plasencia Reserva Organic Toro Reviews [view details]

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"I really like this one"
I originally tried this one on a whim ... the novelty of an organically produced tobacco plant sounded interesting. Turns out, I love everything about this cigar. The first one I tried was a Robusto that had a tough draw ... the hardest I've ever encountered. I smoked it right out of the delivery box. I couldn't get myself to throw it away, though, because of the great flavor. The rest have been perfect in every way. I really like the mild character and the sweet tobacco flavor. This cigar has everything I like. I've tried Churchill, Toro and Robusto sizes. They've all been great. I guess I find it odd that the Churchill and Robusto were rated better than this Toro.(?) The entire line is a little pricey for me, so I watch for the sales and try my hand on the auction site to sneak a deal. I'll try to always keep these stocked in my humidor ...
Rudy in Wisconsin January 1, 2013
"Great day-time smoke"
My usual evening smokes are very full bodied, full flavored sticks, usually with dark oily wrappers. I originally tried the Plasencia line because they are organic & have over the years tried all of their models. For my tastes I have found these toros to be a wonderful day-time smoke. To compensate for their mildness I found that I began inhaling a bit of the smoke through my nose as I puff. The flavor & scent together make a great smoking experience. Also, it is worth noting that I have gone through many many boxes of Plasencias (all shapes & sizes) over the years & every stick has been well made & has drawn perfectly. Cheers
Owen in Seattle, WA March 1, 2012
Either they've changed the blend recently, or I have a weird palate, cuz there ain't nothin' mild about these. I've gone through 2 boxes of robustos, this is my first toro. Alot of flavor, amazing aroma. The PRO would be one of my favorites even if they weren't "organic".
borndead1 in Kalamazoo, MI October 10, 2007
"Above average Quality"
This is a above average permium smoke. Its very light in flavor but complex. A real wood chip type smoke with lots of earthy flavors. I think this is a very well made cigar. I would give the construction a 9 out of 10. Plasencia is a very very good cigar maker but the cigar does lack strength. This is a really good cigar for the smoker that smokes once a month. This cigar is way overpriced and I think its not worth more than $4 a stick.
MR T in Midwest September 10, 2007
"A Good Cigar...A Mediocre Draw...A Little Pricey"
This is not a bad cigar. It has a clean tobbaco taste with a great aroma. It has the tendency to draw a little tight with many of the cigars in the box and this takes away some from the enjoyment. When it does draw well, you get a good volume of smoke. It is a mild cigar with not a lot of subtleties, but if you like a clean tobacco taste in a mild cigar then this is the one, once you get around the draw problem. It improves with a couple of months in the humidor. A good first cigar to start the day on with a cup of coffee. I would strongly recommend this one if the price was for $80 a box or less, but for what they are going for, there are better ones out there. A good cigart to win on an auction.
saxjazzman in West Point November 26, 2006
"The Best"
I've tried just about every brand of cigar. After experiencing the Plasencias: From now on I'm strictly smoking the organics.
Philip Leo in Illinois April 28, 2006
"Nice cigar, fine construction, too tight"
This cigar has a warm brown knobby wrapper, packed en cedro, which gives it a rich aroma before lighting. The presentation is unusually nice, the cedar is tight, the yellow of the band sets off the color of the cigar. The packing is tight and consistent, easy to clip or notch, but the draw is a bit hard. This makes the smoke wetter than it needs to be, and quite strong, as well, as the warmed filler delivers a lot of nicotine from the beginning. The complex flavor changes throughout, rather rich and heavy for a supposedly mild cigar. The ash is very white and smooth, smoother than the wrapper and forms 1 ½ inch without trouble, because of the dense packing. A flavorful cigar, but just a bit grassy, probably from the tight packing.
Overworked in CA April 11, 2006
"good mild cigar"
Tasty consistent mild stick. Normally way too expensive but well worth the $70 I paid on auction for a box of the toros. Seem to get better after a month in the humidor.
ed5881 in ohio April 2, 2005
"Try these if you like a mild cigar!"
I had to see what all the hubbub was about on the smokes. They are everything the critics said, completely enjoyable right to the end.
John Israel in Carriere, MS March 20, 2005
fairly tasty stick---pretty one dimensional and had to correct burn way too often---unless you get them on the auction save your money. there are many brands for far less money that are better smokes---this review is for the 7x48 churchill
sparkit in mars March 18, 2005
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