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Plasencia Reserva Organica Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Construction is an 11!"
The PRO corona is an impeccably constructed cigar with the same signature flavor of the rest of the Plasencia R.O. line, with a nice cool razor sharp burn, perfect draw and creamy smoke. Of the four that I have had the pleasure to smoke thus far, not one required a touch-up after the initial light.
FishNWSmoke in Pacific NW November 15, 2007
"Not a good one"
Bad taste, burn unevenly, wrapper peered off. Not worth for the money. They should be put together with other bundles
William in New York April 20, 2007
"A great mild premium cigar. Now 1 of my favorites!"
I completely disagree with Tennessee Tommy's review of this cigar. The only way his experience could have occurred, is if the cigars were allowed to dry out and/or were not properly humidified. I have been through over 4 boxes of these fine cigars and keep on ordering them, never to have one dissapoint me yet. It comes very close to my favorite cigar - the 1993 Vintage Macanudo, which my humidor is full of, but which I ration due to their difficulty to find. Having a China cabinet size humidor with active humidification controlled by a humidistat is critical to properly keeping my fine cigars, and I count the Plasencia Reserva Organica's among them and often chose one of them first when going for a smoke. That says a great deal, as my humidor typically has over 1200 cigars to choose from. The even burn, strong ash, wonderful aroma and creamy taste of this cigar is unparalleled. It is a fabulous smoke and a great value for cigar smokers with a mild cigar preference. I have several cigar smoking buddies who whole heartedly agree after I introduced them to this fine cigar, and they continue to order them today! We don't care what the cigar magazine ratings are, since they almost never give a mild cigar high marks. This is an excellent cigar and the Plasencia family should be proud!
Jim Persino in IL March 13, 2007
"A real disappointment......."
I bought a lot of 3 boxes. When they arrived, it was wonderful. The packaging and construction was excellent. Then the disappointment.....a little harsh for the first inch then it mellowed out. They have a nice even burn. But for some reason they don't maintain a very good coal on the end. The coal is even with the burn, and the ash gets very loose. Halfway through the stick, it became harder to draw. The taste became bitter, and gave me a nicotine burn on my tongue.This wasn't with just one box but all 3. I'll stick with my A Fuentes, and Romeo & Juliettes from now on (they are smoother and milder). Before I bid on anything else, I'll make sure I go to the tobacco shop and try them out first. This was worse cigar I have smoked to date.
Tennessee Tommy in Memphis, TN July 15, 2006
"salt and pepper"
This cigar has one of the best constructions I've ever come across. It's absolutely beautiful. Nice, dark ash. I smoked the first two out of a 5 pack within a week of purchasing them, and wasn't impressed with the flavor. The cigar begins salty and funny tasting, but mellows out after about 2 inches into a spicy, robust smoke that's much better. I humidor conditioned the rest and had another last night. None of the funny taste. My recommendation is to let these rest a bit in the humidor before you smoke em. They're certainly well worth the money if you let them mellow for a while before you light up.
anderbudd in Willimantic, CT March 25, 2005
"My new go-to mild cigar"
Comparable to Creme De Jamaica aroma. Pricey, but nicely constructed. A little tight on the draw, even burn right down to the nub. Not hot. Will buy again.
AL in Billerica, Mass. February 18, 2005
"Great addition to my collection"
Nice burn, Nice aroma, great taste.
Denny Lawson in Wheaton December 23, 2004
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10 Construction (92) 100
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