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Plasencia Reserva Organica Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Good start less of a finish but okay"
Enjoyed these cigars. The organic quality that I insist on makes my pickings slim. This cigar is a pleasure to have as an available selection. Smooth start with true tobacco flavors. Burns pretty even [a bit too fast for me. The tail end gets a bit hot so expect to smoke a little more than halfway down before it will heat up. Unless you nurse the hits.
Wade Grimm in Orange County, Ca January 12, 2014
"best cigar I've smoked"
I had bought some makers mark cigars before trying the plasencia organic corona, but like the organic cigars better. out of 40 of these cigars, I've only had one that burned kinda poorly and had to keep re-lighting it. I like the panter noir cigarellos too but they are too expensive, unless they are on sale.
zane in lucasville ohio May 5, 2013
"Great taste with good burn"
Great flavor and good consistent burn. Yep it is on the expensive side but if you like a good tasting mild-medium ,"take your time" cigar then this one is worth a try. You'd probably pay this much for a Rocky 1999 Reserve wouldn't ya ?Mild earthy after taste and just a great cigar IMHO. ENJOY
Griz281 in Pennsylvania August 21, 2011
"Nice but Expensive"
Starts off very mild, then builds into light earthy flavors of dried leaves, dark grains and even black tea. The draw was on the tight side but fine and the burn was good. I'm willing to pay a bit more for organic but I think that 2x the price of similar cigars is too much. A nice smoke and worth a try if you like organic products.
Chris in Oregon April 27, 2011
"((( "Complex" )))"
The Plasencia Reserva Organica Corona, sports a nice cinnamon colored rapper, with a slightly redish hue. The wrapper is somewhat vainy, but the cigar has a nice flat cap. The draw is slightly tight. This Corona burns even with a clean white ash. Hickory wood, and spice, flood the nose throughout the burn. The flavor is earthy and sweet. Notes of toast and roasted nuts were also present on the pallet, throughout the burn. The cigar is mild to medium in strength, and the burn time is approximately 70 minuets. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate this Corona 8.5
Robb in Michigan July 23, 2010
"Bad Burn"
This is a nice tasty cigar, smooth and slightly sweet with just a hint of spice. But I struggled with the burn from the start. Kind of frustrating.
Rick in Riverside CA July 3, 2009
"Nice mild smke"
After giving this a try winning 5 Coronas on auction. They were well worth ordering a box for my humidor. One great mild cigar.
J Molter in Chesterfield, Va February 12, 2009
"Smoke it slow"
I got one with a sampler. Nice appearance and beautiful layered ash. Lots of mild smoke with a tight draw. First impression - a disctint sweetness on the back of the pallette. There is a slight tingle that, if smoked too quickly could overwhelm the taste. Smoked slowly it is a mild, smokey, creamy stick. Just take your time and plan for at least an hour with this baby. I'll buy more. Did I mention - don't hurry.
The Professor in Montana October 3, 2008
"Taste In Cigars Is Very Subjective!!"
I have now smoked two of these and all I can say is, "What a waste of time!" Hard draw, won't stay lit (and yes my other cigars from the same humidor have no problem staying lit) bitter taste on the tongue that only gets worse the farther down you get. Overall not worth the time. Now, will someone explain to me the way cigars are priced. There are truly excellent cigars out there that sell for a fraction of the price of this one. I don't get it.
Mick in Lakewood, CA May 3, 2008
"A wonderful smoke!"
The first one started off with overtones of chocolate and coffee. It has an unusually complex flavor with some hints of citrus. The middle had a taste that I can only compare to one I have found in some fine late harvest desert wines. The last quarter had continuing fruity overtones and I smoked it until it burnt my fingers. The burn was uneven for the first half but it corrected itself after that. All in all, a very lovely, flavorful smoke. I will buy more!
David Arnold in Pennsylvania December 7, 2007
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