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Plasencia Reserva Organica Nesticos Reviews [view details]

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"Fabulous stick when rested!"
Be sure to let these rest for several months. They go from just okay to fantastic. The draw on these is too tight when not well rested but that changes and they will have a good draw after their rest. The difference is significant. The Nestico has become my go to quick smoke. They get bonus points for being organic but that is not what makes them good. I find these to be a creamy smooth smoke with a consistent flavor and an even burn. Great with coffee in the morning.
Samantha in Cape Cod June 27, 2014
Morning stick with it's mild flavors..sweet %26 creamy
Ali in Michgan October 15, 2013
"Enjoy This With Scotch"
Consistent flavor. Small cigar just right for someone who's new at cigar appreciation. Juuust riiight.
Laney in Kansas City August 29, 2013
"Great choice when you only have 30 mins."
I have smoked at least 10 boxes of these over the years. They are my go-to 30 minute smoke. Very consistent & well made. They smoke like a much larger stick...big on flavor & great aroma. Nice bonus that they are organic.
Owen in Seattle March 1, 2012
"Horrible, Dry, overpacked with stems"
you don't know until you try... but these cigars sre simply horrible, dry, wrapper breaks on contact, packed with stems inside and will give you a bitter aftertase.
Emilio Espejo in Connecticut June 6, 2011
"never buy again"
Hard draw, lousy taste.
in December 3, 2010
"Always in the humidor"
This is the best short smoke. I have purchased several boxes in the past couple of years because they are a staple in my humidor. One of the most consistant cigars on the market in taste, draw, burn and construction. Just before writing this I ordered the new Nestico Robusto and got a box of the organic Nestico free.
Earl in New England November 20, 2009
"Best Little Cigar!"
I've been smoking small cigars for years, now -- I always like to smoke them when I'm away from home or when I don't have time to relax with a full size smoke. I've tried many brands but I keep returning to smoking Nesticos. They are by far the best tasting, consistently built small cigar around, and the perfect size, too! I don't know how some other smokers have had such negative experiences with them. Small cigars CAN dry out faster than regular sizes, which results in uneven burn and inferior taste. Take good care of these little guys and they won't disappoint. My wife loves them too - what more can I say?
Michael J in California August 5, 2009
"Awesome Little Cigar!!!"
I really wanted to try any of the Plasencia Organica's. I ended up with the Nesticos. Great little cigar, I bought 2 boxs about a year ago. I have smoked about a box and a half. I don't remember ever haveing a bad cigar. MY OPINION is that these are some truely Awesome cigars. I haven't had the pleasure of smoking any other size yet, but I am looking forward to enjoy the rest of the line some day. I currently have about 3000 cigars on hand ALL FOR ME and my friends :-) I can honestly say these are some of my favorite cigars. I also LOVE the fact that they are Organic. I wish other cigar manufactuers would fallow suit.Please ENJOY your cigars whatever they might be, while we still have the FREEDOM to!!!
J.B. Dettle in Dugway UT April 12, 2009
"How many bad baches do they make?"
Im glad i got these for free or i would be really pissed about the time i wasted smoking these.
tanner in houston, tx February 9, 2009
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10 Consistency (89) 100
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10 Draw (89) 100
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10 Appearance (90) 100
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10 Taste (87) 100
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10 Construction (89) 100
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