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Plasencia Reserva Organica Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Verrryyy pleasant smoke"
Great mild, creamy flavor and excellent burn. I'm buying more of these for my humi. Looking forward to my next Plasencia!
Steven S in nashville September 23, 2012
"Outstanding from start to finish"
My favorite smokes are medium to strong, but I found this cigar to be one of the most enjoyable smokes I ever had. The flavors seem to change throughout the smoke. It started a little "woody", then became "nutty" and ended creamy tasting. What I was most impressed with was the construction and draw. Perfect smoke! Would recommend it highly!
Mike in N. Syracuse, NY July 7, 2012
"Flavourful not a strong smoke"
Nice light initial draw was smooth and flavourful. Not a strong smoke initially. Beautiful burnwith nice white ash. Flavour becomes stronger about half way down but not harsh in any way. The finish was strong with good flavour right to the end.
Chris in Ashburn Ontario Canada December 29, 2011
"Mild but well made and tasty"
Definitely a well constructed and tasty cigar but it is pretty mild. If you want mild you have a good candidate here.
Larry in MD December 9, 2011
"Great, from an inexpensive sampler of 10."
I removed the cellophane, and let them breath. Put them in a make shift humidor for two days. I just lit it up and it is a vacation to all the senses. Enjoy fellow cigar lovers ! I don't know of any other organics. Nice !!!
Brian in Albany, New York October 21, 2011
"Good Smoke for the Price"
I was really surprised with this cigar. I got it with one of the sampler packs. It was smooth, had almost a sweet taste for me at the start and kept a great taste right down to the band. I can definitely see me adding more of these to my humidor. My favorites so far are the Padron 1964 Anniversary, San Cristobal and this cigar.
Andy in Michigan August 27, 2011
"Give it time"
This is a nice cigar, but it needs considerable humidor time. I bought a box a year ago, it took 6 month before the flavors started coming out, and they're still improving. Thee are a nice cigar to keep on hand for friends who don't smoke often. Great deal on 5-packs appear on cigar monster fairly often.
Jive Turkey in Corvallis, OR May 27, 2011
"Good looking stick."
This is a well constructed cigar. The draw and burn were as good as some super premiums and even better than some others. It was really a good looking stick. It's a shame that a stick is what it tasted like. Watery tobacco flavors mixed with occasional spice and even bitterness haunted this otherwise perfect smoke. I had the 5 pack and although they were all beautiful, they were all different shades of brown. The Plasencia Reserva Organica will go in my cigar journal but i doubt it goes back in my humidor.
Sassyblassy in Southeast May 10, 2011
"Great Smoke"
Got 2 of these in a mild sampler from famous and I must admit that after smoking the first one I wanted the second one, but I'll save for a special treat at a later date. The burn and draw is great. Mild and slightly sweet from start to finish. The armoa isn't bad either. Not bitter tasting or harsh. For a beginner this is a great cigar. Nice creamy and smooth smoke. You gotta give this one a try!
Arad1973 in Katy,TX April 8, 2011
"Love' um"
Bought two PRORs: after the first one I knew I would enjoy the second. After the second one, I knew I would be buying a box. Yep, I love'um.
Alan in Alberta, Canada March 9, 2011
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