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Plasencia Reserva Organica Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Do yourself a favor.."
Shockingly good. What a surprise. Im reeling. Now what'll I do with all my other cigars? Ive only had one, maybe its a fluke?
dgrambo in January 7, 2011
"Very Nice"
Nice cigar great bang for the buck. I am new to cigars but its worth another try after I try some other cigars.
Q in Maryland December 17, 2010
"One of my favorite mild cigars"
This cigar has a very natural taste. the first 1/4 has almost a dirt taste then develops a natural tobacco taste finishing up with a creme taste. The aspects of the cigar are great, good draw, even burn and a perfect construction. You can sit this down and come back to it 2 minutes later and it will still be lit. It will last you about 50 minutes if you take your time. enjoy!
Zach S. in Korea July 2, 2010
"An interesting one!"
The pre-light scent was of a dark cocoa scent, mixed with other indistinguishable flavors. It lit easily, but the burn was pretty uneven all the way through. It didn't burn too hot or too cool though, which is nice. The flavor was interesting. Honestly, it's hard for me to really pinpoint a characteristic flavor, but that's not a bad thing necessarily. Both the aroma and flavor had so many various flavors that I couldn't really specify. I liked every inch, but it was not my favorite stick ever smoked. It did have lots of creamy smoke, and was more full-bodied than I expected from a mild smoke. If I could give it one flavor, I would say a VERY dark cocoa taste, but overall, don't make that your basis. Try it! It's interesting.
Stephen M in United States February 22, 2010
"I'm no expert, but this one is great."
Even burn, stayed lit to the end, great taste, nice aroma. I bought the 10 pack sampler to take on a cruise. Big mistake, should have taken a box. What a great smoke. Shared one with a new friend and he agreed. I can?t wait to get home and reorder.
J C Smith in Pennsylvania February 9, 2010
"Not a health food store cigar and neither a Cuban"
A.k.a. Barry Stats...the creator of, is in my opinion a true cigar aficionado! I have found his reviews of many cigars to be spot on correct...he has the ability to put flavors into words. Except on this particular cigar, I'm sorry to say Barry...but your review of this cigar was doomed before it even started. You are as prejudice to this brand of cigar as is the KKK to our current president :-) I feel you just don't like the idea of organic period, and by not even giving it a low rating is evidence of that. Now...on the other hand, we have a guy by the name of Kent Surratt, I read his review of this cigar on cigar adviser, he claims that this cigar closely resembles the "Cuban Cohiba Robusto" in its heyday! Although I do strongly agree with Kent assessment that the Cuban Cohiba Robusto is no longer the cigar it once was, I respectfully disagree that this cigar could be compared with that cigar in anyway. So...we have one reviewer who pretty much hates it, and another who compares it to a Cuban legend! they say there is three sides to every's the real side :-) first off...the presentation of this cigar is a class act. The construction....I would say, top-notch, a few veins, but nothing serious, well packed and no soft spots, and the cap is very neatly done. The pre-light...well first off, the cigar really captures and holds the characteristics of the Cedar sleeve, when I took a whiff of the foot, it had a wonderful scent of fresh and clean tobacco, a little sweet, and of course Cedar. Smoking the first half was great! As for flavor...again, a very fresh and clean tobacco and a little nutty with a slightly sweet finish. This cigar is a very smooth and mild one! If you're looking for complex flavors, this is definitely not the cigar for you. The last half before I finally put it down....was just as good as the first half, maybe a tad stronger, no harshness or bitterness at all! The burn on this cigar was razor-sharp the whole way through. To draw...was perfect. The ash...was a very light gray and well stacked! The aroma...was terrific with no ammonia scent. All in all...I give it a solid 90 out of a 100...a very decent cigar!
Robert in Chicago IL January 8, 2010
"Wonderful smoke!!"
I bought a 5-pack as a birthday present to myself -- and now I can't wait to purchase a 20-pack. This was just a wonderful, mellow smoke from start to finish -- a genuine delight.
patrick in Baltimore October 31, 2009
"Currently in Iraq... from KY"
I probably went a little crazy on my ratings of this cigar as I am new and have only had about 20 or 25 different sticks. But these are still my favorite hands. Thick creamy smoke, mild enough to take a full inhale if you so choose, but tasty enough to not inhale and just enjoy the taste that is left in your watering mouth. Currently on cigarmonster they have them 5 for 15 dollars. That price for these cigars is INSANE!
Josh K in Currently Iraq October 18, 2009
"One great smoke"
This was truly a great cigar....I loved the flavor. the burn was great. I smoked it all the way down. I truly enjoyed this cigar
Stephen in Kissimmee, FL April 27, 2009
"Great smoke!"
I bought these a month ago, let them sit in the humidor and just smoked the first one. I loved it! I highly recommend this smoke.
Jeff in Boise, ID April 24, 2009
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