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"Great Humi, BUT needs 2nd humidifier"
Owned this humi for 4 years. Very happy. Note: Filling top tray blocks vent-humi slots. This along with the glass top sucks your sticks dry. Remedy was to get an Ice Crystal Gel jar to guaranty humidity in the upper level. And a 2nd hygrometer too. Works perfectly. Replaced lower humidifier with Crystal 250 humidifier. Do these two things and you will be one happy camper.
Steve in Nor Cal January 31, 2015
"Beautiful Construction"
My first Humidor and a very well constructed one. No problems with breaking it in and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I used the shot glass method and it worked great with the humidifier that came with the product. The hygrometer works well and I've had no problems keeping it at 70% humidity. I would recommend this humidor as it works great and looks beautiful!
Dan in Columbus, Oh. December 17, 2012
"Best Bang for your Buck!"
Works well, tight seal. Had mine for about 2 mos now. Easy to set up. Replenish humidification system about once a mo. Really good value. Dont need to spend 500 for a functional humidor.
Adam in Scottsdale January 5, 2012
"Don't buy!"
While the humidor itself looks beautiful, the seal around the glass is nonexistent. The glass is not glued to the lid and slides all over. Only 4 pieces of cedar are what keeps it from falling out. Save you money and stay far away from this humi.
Andre in NY December 9, 2011
"Great humidor."
This humidor is great looking. It looks a lot better than the price indicates. The construction seems solid. The door seals well as evidenced by the lid not slamming shut. Cedar is abundant and aromatic. The size allows for plenty of cigars. I noted only one drawback in that the included hydrometer is cheap and not very accurate. It took approximately a week to initially hydrate via the included instructions (shot glass method). I wholeheartedly recommend.
Jeffrey B in USA September 5, 2011
"Great Humidor...Great Price!!!"
This beautiful humidor is my very first one, and so far it has been great!! Holds a steady humidity and great to look at!!!
Drew in NC June 13, 2011
"Beautiful, worth every penny!"
This is a great humidor! I've had mine for over a year & just sent one to a friend as a present! I particularly love the glass top, it not only looks nice for presenting your finer cigars, but it also allows me to easily see the hygrometer I have sitting on the top shelf (I never trust the brass hygrometers that come w/ humidors).. It was plenty of storage underneath the top shelf and very nice wood inside the humidor itself as well! I highly recommend getting two 4oz ice gel packs to put in this humidor (or any for that matter), I don't have to touch this humidor for a few months vs refilling the factory sponges every week and constantly monitoring the humidity level.
Gruengo in Gruene, TX January 4, 2011
"Very Attractive Humidor"
This is much prettier in person. It's a keeper. Good quality with a great price. It was my first humidor six years ago. Still working great and looks fantastic. Humidity keeps fine, and the piano hinge in the rear is a good touch to the heavy lid. I have a Cigar Oasis in mine and it is the best device I've owned for humidity. I now have two Cigar Oasis xl plus, and two humidors. All from Famous. Thanks for all the help setting up.
Big-T in MA November 29, 2010
Now this is a great case. The picture you see online does it no justice. The cherry wood is bright and just catches your eye when you look at it. Well constructed, and works great!
John in ca November 30, 2009
"Quality with a nice price"
looks good ,works well,mine is low maintenance vary good choice for even one with a tight budget
mike in park hills mo. March 19, 2009