Porsche Design P'3635 Micro Torch Lighter Navy: Single Flame Navy Blue

Single Flame Navy Blue

$170.99 Retail Price: $ 190.00
Gray Lighter
Single Flame Grey

$170.99 Retail Price: $ 190.00
Silver Lighter
Single Flame Pearl Silver

$170.99 Retail Price: $ 190.00
NOTE: If you purchase this lighter, ALL items in your order will ship UPS Ground for a flat $8.99 S&H charge. [?]
Blue Gray Silver
Porsche Design P'3635 lighters' two protective panels of the ignition device are connected to the shell with four hexagonal screws. A modern quartz mechanism controls the piezo ignition with a jet flame. The fuel level is visible through a window. Fuel capacity: 1.0 ml.
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