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Preferidos Treasure Sampler Reviews [view details]

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"Great Cigars!"
These cigars are the best of breed and worth a purchase. Creamy smoke and full of various flavors with each cigar. Great for a Xmas or birthday gift.
Anthony in California November 8, 2013
"The creme of Auroras/Preferidos crop!"
These 5 cigars ARE among the finest and most valuable cigars. Noticably better than their fine Camaroons. This sampler allows the cigar enthusiast to experience an incredible abundance of fulfillment regarding flavor, burn and draw. Cinco, Preferidos es muey macho. "I don't smoke cigars very often. But when I do, I prefer Aurora Preferidos Treasure Sampler. Scott La Mar
Scott in Urbandale, IA May 12, 2009
i have had all the aurora's there is and thay all are fantastic.!! I have smoked every cigar on the open market and not one of these aurora's takes a back seat to any of them!! Give me any cigar and i can trump it with one or another of these beuties!! I have found cigar heaven!! Oh Ya!!
dave in lacrosse w.i. April 18, 2008
"These little beauties smoke forever"
This smoke is great!!!! The best I have had so far. Although at first I was put off by the size thinking that even if the smoke was good, given the fact that it was so expensive, it wouldnt last long. But when I lit this baby up, I realized that I had been smoking for about 1 1/2 hours before I put it out AND the taste was great. Aroma was very attractive to the ladies as well. This out smoked my favorite.... the AVO Domaine #20.
Jason DuBose in Providence, RI November 22, 2004
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