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Primer Mundo La Hermandad Reviews

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Primer Mundo La Hermandad Caballito
"A good one"
Based on two sticks received in a sampler: smokes and tests similar to a Padron maduro, but less barnyard and more cedar. Nice. I still prefer the Padrons even if the price were the same, but the Padrons are less expensive and have treated me well for years so I ll be sticking with them. But if the price were 2/3 of the Padrons I d probably order a box or two per year.
Rick in Portland, OR July 29, 2014
Primer Mundo La Hermandad Caballito
"Are you kidding? A *78*?"
If the cognoscenti only gave this a 78, I m going to have to try the 99-rated Toro! Seriously, the Robusto is a 90-plus, and the thing draws wonderfully, and smokes like Mount St. Helens!
William in Richmond, VA July 27, 2014
Primer Mundo La Hermandad Embajador
"Superb Cigar!"
Wonderful cigar, my new daily!
jay in newport beach February 1, 2014
Primer Mundo La Hermandad Embajador
"Great %26 Different"
Great cigar, amazing taste, black pepper through the nose. Loved it! Very different blend. Nicotine high eat before smoking and have a drink with it! Changes a bit but pepper is strong for the whole smoke.
HD in Texas August 1, 2013
Primer Mundo La Hermandad Consejero
"Wow! Great cigar!"
I got a few of the 6x60 last weekend to smoke at a social gathering with friends, and wow! This cigar tastes great, burns great, and smells great. It's definitely at the top of my list. I will be keeping a box of these on hand at ALL times from now on!
Nick in Alabama March 20, 2013
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