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Primo De Cuba Reviews

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Primo De Cuba General
"Stumbled out of the gate"
This cigar had a most inauspicious beginning. Not having enough sealer at the service end and to much on the band caused an almost disastrous opening round. Apparently they use the band to hold this stick together so REMOVE IT AT YOUR OWN PERIL. The issue at the service end was correctable with a little moistening. In my humble opinion this cigar is way longer than it needs to be. A decent draw was not achieved at the business end until about 3 inches of it was smoked down. The flavor/taste is almost none existent for the first first quarter or so but around the halfway point starts to kick in and ends on a high note. This would be a much better cigar if they would shorten it say to 5 or 6 inches and maybe slightly thinner. Very nice, even and consistent slow burn so dont light it up unless you have a good hour or more to devote. I did enjoy it however there are better sticks out there in the same price range such as the Tampa Trolleys or Quorum.
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida August 8, 2014
Primo De Cuba General
"Great cigar for the money"
This is a ways from the best cigar ever, but for the money I think it is a real bargain. I really love this cigar and recommend them to anyone who wants a good cigar at a reasonable price.
J R Ackley in Iowa October 21, 2013
Primo De Cuba Toro
"Would not buy this again"
Very inconsistent, will not burn through, waste of money.
J R Ackley in Iowa October 21, 2013 March 31, 2013
Primo De Cuba Corona
"Use Your Imagination"
With a good imagination, you could think of a peppery Perdomo that can't be afforded. Kind of like a ride on a bike is like taking a Mustang Cobra on the open road. Still, for a cheapo, it has some pepper, all be it a nasty pepper. Wind is wind and speed is speed. It's more the same than it is different.
Nightjoe in ID July 28, 2012
Primo De Cuba General
"Like smoking a sealed paper bag"
This cigar is not a great one even after a full year in the humidor. The draw is very tight, and there really isn't any substance or flavor to the smoke. it's just a nasty gray color like the ash. I smoked this one outside and a piece of the wrapper literally was ripped and was blown off by a gust of wind. mild cigar for the first few inches with not much flavor other than lightly sweet tobacco. The mid section has some spice to it and I would go far as to say medium body. After that, it just went downhill. Save your money and buy a better cigar.
Jake in WA January 24, 2012
Primo De Cuba Lonsdale
"WOW was I suprised.."
I purchased this cigar as a throw away for the golf course WOW was I amazed at the flavor and the taste. The cigar is so surprising. I let them age in my humidor for three weeks for another round of golf in Myrtle Beach and they held up very well ..
JAYE in CHARLOTTE,NC October 15, 2011
Primo De Cuba General
"Very good cigar"
Good flavor,out of bundle only one semi hard to draw, I smoke about ninty cigars a month and find this cigar very satisfying
Henry in Long Beach CA September 25, 2011
Primo De Cuba General
"Very nice."
If your in the market for a great tasting smooth smoking cigar at a decent price, look no further. It's a great smoke that wont go out when you put it down for five minutes to shower because your covered in turkey feces from head to foot.
Jamie J in michigan August 27, 2011
Primo De Cuba Corona
"Another Decent Cigar @ at a bargain $"
Surprisingly good draw, burn and taste on this very light bargain cigar. When I go for two in a day, this is sometimes the early first cigar. May pick them up again on auction if I can repeat on close to a buck a stick. Would be more appropriate to call them El Cuarto Primo de Cuba as they are distant cousins, if related at all.
Vince in New York August 18, 2011
Primo De Cuba Rothschild
"These cigars are a pleasure to smoke"
I have but two of these left from my first bundle and I'll reorder them in my next purchase. I'm not good at describing cigar flavors, but the Primo De Cuba has more then one note that pleases my taste buds. They're good down to the last inch.
Michael in Grand Prairie, Texas April 16, 2011
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