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Primo De Cuba Reviews

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Primo De Cuba Churchill
"Bad Burn, Bad Taste in my mouth!"
With this stick you get what you pay for. The one I had came in a mixed pack and this was the worst. The burn was very uneven. Draw was a little tight for me, and it lacked any kind of enjoyable flavor.
Mike Grasso in East Coventry, PA March 16, 2011
Primo De Cuba Presidente
"Take a pass"
Taste is pretty good - IF - you get a good one. Even the good ones in my bundle had burn problems. The bad ones (the majority in the bundle) had REALLY bad burn problems. Those tasted a lot like gasoline about 2/3 through. Impossible to keep lit without continuous attention from your lighter. Pass on these!!
Will Isaac in Kentucky October 11, 2010
Primo De Cuba Rothschild
"Happy with this smoke"
Somehow I missed the deal on the Presidente but bought the Robusto. This is a very consitently smooth cigar, and it maintained its character all the way down to the nub. It will replace the AF curly head as my nightly dog walking cigar.
Big Bad Tommy V in Memphis Tennesse October 9, 2010
Primo De Cuba Presidente
"Poorly Constructed..."
Usually draws hard. Always seems to have a weak place that burns fast, no matter how you try to catch it up. 18 of 20 were bad. tasted okay, looked fine, but I'm poor, and even at these prices it wasn't worth the money.
Big Bad Tommy V in Memphis Tennesse October 9, 2010 October 9, 2010
Primo De Cuba Rothschild
"This Novice will more of these"
Mind you I am a buck private in the cigar smoking ranks. After smoking Backwoods for 15 months, I've turn to Famous to explore the world more premium smokes. This was only my 4th cigar smoked out of the samplers I've ordered. After a clumsy lighting ceremony, it took about 3,4 minutes for the uneven burn to straighten out. Midway through I really enjoyed the flavor and aroma of this stick. And right toward the end I could swear I tasted some Boston Creme Pie! Okay, not really, but this novice liked cigar and will buy more.
Mike in Upstate NY August 11, 2010
Primo De Cuba Lonsdale
"Bad burn, keep your money"
Try to smoke this cigar and it will piss you off. hard draw, bad burn and taste. This time I got what I paid for, worthless.
Mic in Southern IL August 11, 2010
Primo De Cuba Lonsdale
"Horrible Burn!"
The bottom line is the wrapper on these sticks will not burn. Saying they tunnel is an understatement. The filler goes up like a roman candle leaving the wrapper almost untouched. The pack is very loose, you can flatten them with no effort or damage to the leathery burn proof wrapper. Worthless even at the $20 sale price I picked them up at. Maybe some extended time in the humidor will help.
Rob in Leesburg VA August 5, 2010
Primo De Cuba Presidente
I won these cigars on auction. I thought I had gotten a great bargain . Was I ever mistaken. The burn was horrible. I had to keep relighting. Sparks flew. I burned a hole in my trousers. I threw the remaining cigars away.
jdp in new jersey May 21, 2010
Primo De Cuba Churchill
"Primo De Crapolla!"
This is a flavorless loosely packed cigar that burns as fast as a cigarrette. don't waste your money.
Eric in Largo, Florida May 14, 2010
Primo De Cuba Rothschild
Have seen these in the cataloge for years. I guess the phrase "they may not burn perfectly" shyed me away. Finally decided to try something different. Being retired, my cigar budget is somewhat limited to this price range. Well, I'm ordering my third bundle and so far have not had one stick that did not meet my expectations. They burn good, draw good and have a great earthy taste. My only problem is, my FDO's now have competition in my humidors (3). Now I have to decide on a sweet cap, or an earthy taste. But then life is tough sometimes. Bill
Bill in Ca. April 26, 2010
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