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Primo De Cuba Reviews

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Primo De Cuba Rothschild
Have seen these in the cataloge for years. I guess the phrase "they may not burn perfectly" shyed me away. Finally decided to try something different. Being retired, my cigar budget is somewhat limited to this price range. Well, I'm ordering my third bundle and so far have not had one stick that did not meet my expectations. They burn good, draw good and have a great earthy taste. My only problem is, my FDO's now have competition in my humidors (3). Now I have to decide on a sweet cap, or an earthy taste. But then life is tough sometimes. Bill
Bill in Ca. April 26, 2010
Primo De Cuba Rothschild
"good flavor"
the draw and appearance was appealing. The consistency and burn left something to be desired from a cigar. The flavor was up there with a higher price cigar. I would buy this one again just for the taste alone.
matt in indianapolis March 9, 2010
Primo De Cuba Corona Grande
"Burns too fast"
I thought I'd try something new. Major disappointment. There's an after taste that leaves you wondering why you lit this one up. Burns very hot and fast. Nothing really to savour. I can easily say that I will never order these again.
Gil in La Crescenta CA November 5, 2009
Primo De Cuba General
"Great Deal! Great Cigar!"
Reluctant to post - I don't want everyone to discover this great deal. Cigars burned evenly and smoothly from the beginning to the end. At the auction price these cigars are a steal...
Ken in Chicago suburb July 25, 2009
Primo De Cuba Rothschild
great draw and the taste is surprisingly good,woody and slightly creamy but you can't get one of these to burn right to save your life!despite all that there is a distinct coffee finish on these and tons of smoke but they go fast too. i have not had a bad stick from nestor yet. when i bought them i knew upfront that this was a yard gar and that's what it remains.
christopher in vale March 8, 2009
Primo De Cuba Rothschild
"looks were deceiving"
got these in a free sampler about a year ago and spotted them in one of my humidors. looked good, fair/mediocre flavor in the beginning, then started tasting like i don't know what, and got skanky about two thirds through. i don't ditch many cigars, but i did this one. if the ground wasn't frozen outside, i'd have buried them. oh well. sorry FS, another lump of coal for your stocking.
rseaman in canastota, ny January 16, 2009
Primo De Cuba General
"they're still lousy"
bought these in early september and let them sit waiting for them to get better. They're still lousy. Soft inside, poor burn, tunneling, soggy etc. Move along.
mark in s. central fl. December 7, 2008
Primo De Cuba General
"I couldn't believe my tasebuds!"
I bought a 10 pack from one of the Famous Auctions. I was expecting a fair to moderate quality Maduro cigar. Was I pleasantly surprised!!! For the money I Can't remember when I have enjoyed a cigar more! The flavor was creamy with a slight sweet after taste, an even burn, and nice aroma. I will definitely buy some more when I have more room in my humidor!
smollock in Ventura, CA November 16, 2008
Primo De Cuba Rothschild
JAY in CAPE COD October 24, 2008
Primo De Cuba Rothschild
"Primo for the Dinero"
These will be in my humidor just pretty much forever. Of all the el-cheapo cigars I have tried, in my quest to find a truly good 'cheap' cigar, these have been head-and-shoulders above the rest. Fairly good burn, good draw and an absolutely fine flavor. Don't discontinue them, Famous, now that I'm 'hooked'!
Rick in Missouri September 14, 2008
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