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Principe Long Filler Reviews

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Principe Long Filler Churchill
From draw to burn to construction to taste, this cigar is consistently horrible. I smoked the entire bundle before commenting. Draw inconsistent. Taste harsh. Burn uneven. Construction loose and poorly capped.
Joel in California March 19, 2014
Principe Long Filler Belicoso
"Nice cigar for the money."
This is a great stick for the money. Good burn and draw, the taste was nice with lots of smoke. Its a great cigar for the 2 bucks it cost.
Tim E. in Central California November 14, 2013
Principe Long Filler Churchill
"Good Flavor Inconsistent Burn"
The flavor was good and mild and paired excellently with a scotch. The draw was easy and smooth and the construction was very good. The appearance was excellent but the burn was a tad inconsistent. However I purchased these cigars for a fine price and at roughly two dollars a cigar I could not have asked for a better smoke.
James C in Kansas USA September 18, 2013
Principe Long Filler Churchill
"Meh, Could have been better"
Cigar was alright other than the taste. To me the taste was the same as a Black and Mild. So I would hardly call that a premium cigar. Could have bought 4 Black and Milds for the same price. Other than the taste it burned consistently and didn't take much force to draw. All in all, average cigar.
sarge in washington August 30, 2013
Principe Long Filler Short Robusto
"20+ years smoking cigars"
You cannot be this price $$. They're a smooth, mild cigar. They taste great and I believe they are definitely underrated! I had no ammonia smell. And just to see. I ordered a box from Thompson s as well. Great smoking cigar stayed fresh humidor, to me. Awesome! =
Eric Cerra in Vermont May 21, 2013
Principe Long Filler Toro
"Drop In Quality"
Tried these before and found them pretty good. Especially for the $. But the last box I tried tasted bland without the toasty creaminess I experienced with previous boxes. Obvious consistency problems. Still smokeable but not as good a buy.
Mike in Ohio April 25, 2013
Principe Long Filler Churchill
"taste is ok"
burn is bad, canoes, the wrapper cracks and un rolls. too bad I got a whole box. it seemed like a good buy.
frank in palisade co April 12, 2013
Principe Long Filler Short Robusto
"Let 'em rest"
When I got these,I unwrapped one and was hit with the strong aroma of ammonia. I unwrapped all of them and gave them 4 weeks of 'naked time'. The ammonia odor is gone and after breathing for a few weeks these have turned into some nice cigars. Spicy, slightly earthy and mild tobacco sweetness. Flaky ash good burn.
P. Suffridge in Norman,OK December 24, 2012
Principe Long Filler Churchill
"Pleasant Sensation"
This cigar is a Pleasant sensation!!!! mild flavor,smells great, have a Great burn and have super great Appearance, I usually smoke, Cuban Cohiba, Sancho Panza and Davidoff; and for me, this Principe long filler Churchill maduro is on the category of The Bests.
Rafael in Puerto Rico August 17, 2012
Principe Long Filler Short Robusto
They are decent cigars. A little too spicy for me but pretty good for the price. Good for just passing some time with friends. Plus, they make you feel gangster smoking such a short, fat cigar.
McMasters in Tennessee August 9, 2012
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