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Principes Reviews

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Principes Masters Vanilla
"Decent, but Not as Good as Expected"
When I read the reviews for these cigars I was expecting a very good cigar for a cheap price. Unfortunately, that wasn't so. These are decent cigars, but the vanilla taste is very faint, and after getting about halfway through the cigar, the taste is terrible. Not recommended.
Garrett in Michigan September 13, 2014
Principes Masters Vanilla
Great smoke enjoyed it.
Chris in Birmingham,AL August 17, 2014
Principes Masters Vanilla
"Very Nice!!!"
Smooth, not harsh with a great consistent flavor that smokes evenly thruout. Cigar of choice. Just enough.
Ron in Maryland August 13, 2014
Principes Masters Vanilla
"Great cigars"
great for smoking while playing golf mowing or just sitting around after work.
Gerald in W.Va. March 19, 2014
Principes Masters Cherry
"Really Great Mild Cigar! - BUT Poorly Constructed"
Dominican cigars are the BEST! BUT... many of them are poorly constructed wrapped - unravel easily - fall apart due to thin top layer of tobacco..
Barry Miner in Miami, FL January 30, 2014
Principes Masters Chocolate
"Great everyday smoke!"
Wonderful smoke, great taste, only downfall is the pre-cut ends, keep getting loose tobacco in your mouth.
RMB in ARKANSAS October 28, 2013
Principes Vanilla
"only cigar I buy"
Tried lots of brands, settled on this one exclusively. And only want the vanilla!
Emmett in Texas August 2, 2013
Principes Masters Natural
THIS is just not a good cigar - - - barely acceptable.
Steve in MA July 15, 2013
Principes Vanilla
"Second favorite small cigar"
Bought my second box but haven't opened it yet because I like another small cigar better. I will continue to smoke these because they have a great flavor. I am not keen on the construction. A little to loose.
Dave in Maryland December 17, 2012
Principes Natural
"Glorified Clove Cigarette"
These are a rather cheap cigar that is pre-cut and ready to light after removing from wrapping. The smoke overpowers with clove flavor, other than that, it is pretty unremarkable. On the plus side, the burn is good and even but the draw is quite loose.
Mike in Richmond Virginia October 10, 2011
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