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'Private Stash' Travel Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"Works very well for me."
I use mine to keep my small 4X33 sized cigars in, It'll hold 50 of them with room to breath. I haven't had any issues with the humidity level it keeps actually it is a non issue any way. I am constantly handing one to a freind/s (Better than a full size to give away) and that puts a smile on their face. I think it's cool to look at when full it is almost to the point of being cute, you know all the cigars lined up nice and neat like soldiers lined up in formation @ Parade Rest!!!
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation (rez) Wi. April 20, 2012
"Its not working forme"
I don?t know how you guys rate this thing so good, I just can?t make it work. If there is a trick please let me know too. Yes the box looks nice but it?s just a box not a humididor, It does not keep the moisture in. I used Xikar solution, the humidity does not go over 40. I grabbed the humidifier from my other humidor and have 2 now it went up to 60. I added a small dish of distilled water and got it to 65, now I have no room left to put cigars in. I don't get all the positive reviews!!
Digipix in Lake Forest, CA March 16, 2012
So: for those who like long cigars, this SHOULD hold three stacks of 40 ring gauge (.625) 7-inchers, provided you clip the foot of each by an eighth of an inch or so, subtract one cigar and replace it with a tube humidifier, and replace the circular humi on the inside lid with a thin round thermometer / hygrometer. Sounds like fun to me!
Barak H-E in Tel Aviv March 13, 2012
"Nice Portable Humididor"
I really like this humidor. It holds 14 Padron Maduro Churchill's perfectly. The round humidifier works great. Unit has a tight seal. Great for office or ready to smoke cigars!
Russell in El Paso February 25, 2012
"Love it holds the humidity better than my big one"
I love this humidor it holds true even better than my big one. I am actually getting another one. I like to use this as my ready to smoke box and getting a second one for my regular smokes box and then the big one for aging
the Newbie in fl February 23, 2012
"Amazing price, amazing product!"
I gotta confess, I was a littled worried by the price of this humidor and the possible associated quailty, but I was fortunatly proven wrong! It works great and holds the amount of cigars it said it would!
Max F in OK January 27, 2012
"Great Value Great Humidor"
the perfect humidor for your office or work area Bigger than expected.
Stephen in Virginia January 9, 2012
"Big Taste...Little Box"
This little humidor does an excellent job at keeping the gars fresh and aging properly. Every time that I open it the great room fills with the aroma of the cigars. The small round humidifier works perfectly for this box. It's not made for long gars, but it works great for shorter (esp. Nubs) and cigarillos! This one definitely guarantees big taste in a little box!
Jon in Indiana December 17, 2011
"Good Value"
Very decent humidor for the price, using to hold all my coffee flavored cigars because I don't want them in my main humidor. Seasoned in about 24 hrs with a shot glass of water and it seems to hold humidity pretty well, it also happened to be the exact same finish as my main humidor so it looks great. I didn't even bother using the humidifier as I use beads, so I won't comment on the quality of it. Just add in a hygrometer and it makes an awesome reserve humidor or a main one for someone who doesn't smoke a lot and isn't willing to invest in a 100 capacity humidor. I wouldn't call it a traveler by any means though, you could install a latch in front to keep it closed and possibly put some foam inside to keep the cigars from rolling and sliding around, then it would be ideal for that. Otherwise, at this price you really couldn't lose.
Danny in December 1, 2011
"Nice, however..."
As stated by others, the quality is very nice for the price. However, I'm slightly disappointed by the size. You can't fit as many in as it states. I've barely squeezed 12 in comfortably and that's with little to no room for the humidification device which has little to no adhesive on the back. I've also had to improvise and add tape. Hope the wet disc doesn't end up on my sticks. Although this is a sufficient temp, I will be looking for a new humi soon.
Pepper in Chicago November 17, 2011
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