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'Private Stash' Travel Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"Nice, however..."
As stated by others, the quality is very nice for the price. However, I'm slightly disappointed by the size. You can't fit as many in as it states. I've barely squeezed 12 in comfortably and that's with little to no room for the humidification device which has little to no adhesive on the back. I've also had to improvise and add tape. Hope the wet disc doesn't end up on my sticks. Although this is a sufficient temp, I will be looking for a new humi soon.
Pepper in Chicago November 17, 2011
"Good Humi"
Small, make sure to look at the dimensions but holds up to the light test (one very tiny leak near the hinge). Keeps pretty good humidity with a Dr. RH etc. It is one of the 4 humidors I use and it works great. Definitely worth the money imho for a small travel humidor, or dry box even.
Andy in MI September 15, 2011
"Awesome starter humidor"
I purchased this humidor around 3 weeks ago. The quality of the humidor is outstanding for the price, but take note: the provided humidifier has some trouble with the adhesive on the magnet. Some super glue easily fixed this problem. Still keeping my cigars nice and fresh!
Austin in Texas June 14, 2011
"Beautiful box! Suprisingly decent seal."
The humidor looks great in our house! The seal isn't amazing, but it is surprisingly adequate. I recommend replacing the floral sponge with humidity beads. Just pull the magnet off the back of the humidifier and you will see the seam to pop of the recessed back plate. Filler up with beads and super glue the back plate and magnet back on!
Logan in Las Vegas March 15, 2011
"Love it"
I got this humi for a pittance on the auctioneer, and honestly it's one of the more impressive deals i've ever made. it's very well built, and it's actually quite beautiful. If i ever get a bigger Humidor, i'm keeping this one for my "elite" stogies.
Praetorian in Ohio February 10, 2011
"Excellent budget humidor but take note"
This humidor is very well built and the price is unbeatable, but the metal backing plate for the magnetic humidifier does NOT come with adhesive. I recommend doing what I did and purchasing some 3M brand double backed wall cling strips. This is holding the humidifier without any issues. Highly recommend this humidor!
Joseph in Georgia October 23, 2010
"Not Perfect"
For the price, this box is surprisingly well-made. My one problem is with the humidifier. The metal base plate did not come with any adhesive so I had to improvise. In addition, the adhesive that came on the magnet itself gave way after a week, dropping a wet sponge right on my sticks. Luckily, the damage was minimal. I still think it's worth the price, but you may want use some stronger adhesive like some 3M double-sided foam tape.
Tre in Charlotte, NC October 21, 2010
"Great value"
The build quality is good and the price is right!
Treston in USA October 15, 2010
"great piece"
this is a great small humidor that every guy should have-nicer than it appears and the price is fantastic---this is a good company doing a great service
kevin in nashville July 31, 2010
this is really nice for a beginer our for a traveler. i added a hydrometer to mine, kinda small if you just want it for home use
Jordan in Mahtomedi mn July 25, 2010
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