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'Private Stash' Travel Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"Nice for the Price!"
The humi on initial view looks very good. The dimensions are external dimension because my 5x56 sticks don't quite fit, I have to turn them long ways to fit. The cedar needed a bath to get the dust out but it helped get the wood moist. The top closes tightly with the vacuum effect and you can tell when you try to open it that there is a small vacuum effect. The hockey-puck-style humidifier keeps the humidity and I threw in a digital hygrometer that fits nicely in the lid. Looking forward to putting my Private Stash in the box! Great freebie on my order!
Brian in Omaha, NE March 25, 2014
"Nice Box"
Nice little box. You can feel the vacuum on the seal when opening and shutting the lid. The humidification device works fine and never leaked. Once you add D-water and let it sit a few minutes tap the loose water out and onto a paper towel until nothing comes out. After wiping down the inside of the box with a damp paper towel and charging the device the humidity registered at 70 percent almost immediately. The gauge said the same the next morning too. Put 6 stogies in it and it continued to maintain 70 percent humidity. How great is that. My order was shipped really fast and was packed so it would arrive in good order. This is a good place to shop.
Mike in Virginia January 24, 2014
"had to adjust fit, still good for the $"
I bought 2 of these. I was impressed that they look quite finished for 15 bucks, there s even felt covering the bottom. I ve seen other reviews about this box being unable to hold humidity. I think theirs may have same issue that both theses ones I ordered did. The hinges were installed too tightly. So when the box was closed the front edge was held open about 1/16 . It can be pressed down tightly but one pressure is removed it would pop back up. The fix was to remove the hinges and reinstall them 8 small screws in and out . Just need to be sure to move them left or right a bit so they bite fresh wood and don t get drawn into the same holes. All in all I m happy with them, the 5-10 minutes of my time for the good price was worth it and now boxes are holding humidity perfectly.
in November 8, 2013
"Perfect for Work"
This little box is great! I purchased this box to be my regular go to box so that I wouldnt be opening my good one all day and drying it out. This box ended up going with me to work so now I can have a perfectly fresh cigar at any time. Also a great way to treat customers when you can offer a fine cigar after a heated meeting. Holds its moisture well and seals tight. 1 Boveda 72% and a round foam holder with distilled are perfect for this box opened 4 or 5 times a day.
A.J. in WSMR September 24, 2013
"Great traveler or office box..."
I've had this for a year and it makes a great little box for the office or for longer road trips. I use a stick shaped crystal gel humidifier after seasoning and it hold humidity pretty well. I can usually hold 8 good sized toros in there, longer churchills don t really fit. To the underside of the lid I attached a hygrometer so it is out of the way of the cigars. I usually recommend this or the Csonka line of humidors to my road warrior buddies.
G in June 2, 2013
"great for the car and business trips"
Great humidor for the price. I keep it in the trunk of my car and never have had a problem with humidity. I only keep about 8 sticks in there so I am ready at any moment for a nice smoke. If you have too many you will have humidity issues and it wont seal right.
Paul in Boston May 18, 2013
"eh, you get what you pay for"
At first when I opened this I thought wow this looks really nice. It is really nice, and for the price I can not complain. I seasoned it and stuck some sticks in it and bam its perfectly humid. My one complaint is that the device falls from the moisture. I ruined one of my sticks but I wound up just taping the magnet to it and haven't had a problem since. Keeps my stogies super fresh.
shawn in sherman oaks December 7, 2012
"Great Travler Humidor"
This humidor was fantastic for the price. I am not sure what others experienced based on reviews, but mine has held steady humidity with a generic foam humidifier and monster 50/50 solution. Have brought this on numerous business trips in my carry on luggage and I love it. Helps keep a nice stash of cigars for a week long business trip. Typically holds about 12 cigars for me with the humidifer and hygrometer, all different sizes. Does not handle really long cigars like a Charlemagne 7" plus.
Kyle in Long Island NY November 5, 2012
"Very nice for the price"
I bought this to put some sticks away to age, and to be honest I wasn't expecting much. This little humi is great. I was able to season it with no problem and it holds the temp/rh at 70/70 with ease. I like it enough I ordered another.
Mike in Jeff City, MO August 31, 2012
This humidor looks nice on the outside but that's about it. I've had it now for a few months and after seasoning it I still can't get it above 50% rh. I misted the inside with distilled water and wiped away the excess, then let it set for a day or two. The rh was at 72% so I put my smokes in. After a week it was down to 65% and another week later it was at 60% with the humidifier in there. Another week went by and it was at 50% so I took everything out and sprayed the inside again. It's back down to around 55% now. After you season it the lid fits really tight like it should, the wood soaks up the moisture but it's not holding it there because by a few weeks later the lid is back to being really loose and easy to open. Time to find something else because this thing is a piece of junk!!!
mmbtrumpet in July 18, 2012