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Private Stock #11
"Not worth the price"
I ordered these in place of 4x4 cellos, which also come from Davidoff, but appear to be discontinued or in limited supply. The Private Stocks are not as good. They are very plain and boring. Notes of grass and hay is how I would describe these, and not complex at all.
Dale in Cleveland October 25, 2014
Private Stock #1
"An Old Favorite"
A very nice, every day, golf course, kind of cigar. Price is right for the quality. About 1 in 10 is a dud, still good for $4 per.
Glen in Hawaii August 2, 2014
Private Stock #14
"My Everyday Cigar"
You can't beat this stick! It's at a great price and I never feel ripped off smoking this. One in three boxes has a draw problem.
Joseph Rabor in Wellington, FL March 25, 2014
Private Stock #14
"give it an inch or two to enjoy it"
Bought a box based on reviews, price, and the Davidoff connection. smoked with a friend. Both agree that they have an unimpressive start. Burned fast and uneven for the first inch and a half to 2 inches; taste wasn't so great. Became a better smoke after that. Can't say I would buy them again.
Mic in St Paul, MN September 30, 2013
Private Stock #1
Tried all kinds but always come back to this one.
Yochanan Ben-Ner in Los Angeles, CA September 5, 2013
Private Stock #1
"Great Everyday Smoke"
Great price for a really good cigar. My golfing cigar of choice. Second order today. Can't go wrong for the price. Some problems with consistency and draw, but can be overlooked for the price.
Glen in Hawaii August 8, 2013
Private Stock #14
"don't waste $80"
Worthless junk
Samvel in Jacksonville March 23, 2013
Private Stock #2
"Not A Bargain"
I am mystified by the generously high ratings this cigar has received. In my opinion, this smoke is no bargain: It simply has no personality, is devoid of all flavor. Likely, I'll end up tossing out the remaining 24 and place an order for some of my regular reliables.
Ry Austin in Salt Lake City February 11, 2013
Private Stock #1
"Very nice smoke"
Consistantly pleasing cigars. I found them several years ago on a trip to Amsterdam. tried many others but prefer these for an every day smoke
Mark in Fort Worth Texas November 5, 2012
Private Stock #1
"Best cigar"
I keep trying other brands but keep comming back to this one.
Yochanan in Los Angeles September 4, 2011
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