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Private Stock #1
"Perfect Burn and Great Flavor"
I found these to burn and taste as good or better than some of my much more expensive Dominican sticks. No touch-ups required and great draw and flavor. Great construction as well.
Cliff J in Virginia July 25, 2011
Private Stock #14
"Damn fine cigar for the money!"
I've been buying several different cigars to determine my new favorites. I bought these based on the recommendations. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised to find these an enjoyable smoke. I can definitely see myself adding more of these to my auxillary humidor.
Scott in Indiana May 6, 2011
Private Stock #6
"Excellent Value"
If you like a milder, silky Dominican you'll like these. IMHO comparable the premium mild Dominicans for half the price. Tried a single--will now be odering a box.
Mills in Delaware April 8, 2011
Private Stock #2
"Excellent for the Price"
Been smoking them for a couple years now, have been a good smoke for the price. I agree, they do age well too.
Haus in CO April 1, 2011
Private Stock #14
"Fine Cigar"
These cigars are as good or better than most 94 or 95 rated cigars that I have smoked.
Ronald Wall in San Antonio March 17, 2011
Private Stock #1
"Great everyday Smoke"
Great everyday and golf cigar. Always consistant.
Ronald Wall in San Antonio March 17, 2011 February 23, 2011
Private Stock #14
"Like Avo and Davidoff's ?? order up !!!"
I have gone through two boxes......A well made, great smoke..Love the #14 ! This is very similar to the classic AVO for much less money. These are among my favorites..In my opinion they stand side by side with much more expensive cigars. A very consistant,clean smoke.If you like them mild and tasty, they don't get much better !!!
J LaCroix in Massachusetts December 12, 2010
Private Stock #2
"to much patel"
you guys need to stop pushing rocky patel so much, unless he has you in his pocket? it is pretty obvious that he does. I do not smoke his brand but you pump his brand to much, be fair to your clientele.
jj mitchell in earth November 27, 2010
Private Stock #11
"Great Mild Cigar"
I'm not big on mild cigars but this is one exception. This cigar offers great flavor not found in most mild cigars that I've had, well worth the money. And they're made by Davidoff so you know they're made with love!
Josh in Indiana November 24, 2010
Private Stock #1
"The best I've had"
The draw, burn and flavor are as good as any $20 stick I've ever smoked, I'm lighting my 15th out of 25 and no disappointment yet. These would be a steal at $100 a box. When Davidoff is involved, count on perfection.
Thomas in Delaware County, NY August 1, 2010
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