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"Great Mild Cigar"
I'm not big on mild cigars but this is one exception. This cigar offers great flavor not found in most mild cigars that I've had, well worth the money. And they're made by Davidoff so you know they're made with love!
Josh in Indiana November 24, 2010
"What a great bang for the buck!"
A nice smooth mild smoke that burns clean and even. Can't ask for much more then that!
Steve in Baltimore September 8, 2009
"This cigar is the Pound for Pound Champ"
Dennis Palmer in January 29, 2008
This # 11 cigar in maduro just falls flat. It is very over priced. Might be a back yard smoke if half the price. Do not expect much because the flavor and construction are not there. Bundle in a box.
Richard Covello in CT May 21, 2006
Very Mild - lots of smoke after a hit - which I like - not a lot of flavor - didn't burn hot like #14 - #11 much better than #14 - would not get a #14 again. I would let it sit in your humidor for a least a month. The #11 Maduro was much better.
Mike in California August 10, 2003
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10 Burn (84) 100
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10 Consistency (85) 100
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10 Draw (86) 100
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10 Appearance (83) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (87) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (82) 100
Poor - Excellent

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