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Private Stock #14 Reviews [view details]

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"Great smoke, great price"
I bought a box of #14 to take on a trip with me. They smoked very smooth good flavor and burn. Well constructed. I was surprised that they were so good at the price. Much better than I expected. I will buy more.
Carl Pfeiffer in OR October 7, 2007
Wow, what a smoke. This is by far the best cigar I have ever smoked at this price. From draw to taste to construction, this is one of the finest cigars I have tasted. I did a blind tasting with one of these and a Davidoff with a friend who is an aficionado, and guess what he chose? Yes the PS. So go ahead and buy a box. You won't be disappointed.
Nick in Philadelphia July 21, 2007
"Excellent cigar for the price"
This was a fantastic cigar the day I first recieved them. After a couple of months in my hunidor, they were suprisingly much smoother and still retained a spicy flavor. A little more spicy than a Davidoff though, I would recommend these to anyone who likes a well made dominican.
Ray in C.C. FL March 14, 2007
"An excellent cigar for the price. My top smoke."
I have smoked about six boxes of these, and I love them. I have had a couple that were a little tight, but less than any premiem cigar I have purchased percentage wise. An excellent smoke and bargan.
Les L in Washington October 17, 2006
"Great golf cigar"
I really liked the maduro. A golf buddy gave me one during play and I had to come home and order a box. Had one burnout but for the money, it's a great smoke. Can't wait to try the Griffins and Avo from the Davidoff factory.
James A in Greenville SC October 17, 2006
"Better than a macanudo"
I was surprised when I saw the other reviews for this gar. If you want intense flavor why would you buy a connecticut wrapped dominican cigar? These are supposed to be mild and smooth which they are. As far as burn problems the ones I smoked burned razor straight and had more taste than a mac. I usually smoke Rocky Patel Vintage or LGC Serie R but sometimes I enjoy a milder less intense smoke and I will say FOR THE PRICE PS are hard to beat. Just know what you are purchasing when you buy them. If you like spicy, tounge burning smokes dont' buy them. The other reviewers did not do this justice they must have thought they were getting something else. I smoked the conn. wrapper #14.
fat smoke dog in Big 10 country go MSU July 14, 2006
"A Tastefree Cigar"
Tried the #14 Toro Natural after a couple months in the humidor. I looked forward to this one because they are handmade in the Davidoff factory and maybe I would discover a real sleeper. I guess I became the sleeper because this was too boring to finish and I went to bed. The construction was great, evidence of it's origins, but it just had no zing in the flavor dept. The burn was very even, the ash held very well, the draw was on the tight side. The smoke had a nice, albeit mild fragrance that wouldn't offend anybody, but the taste would be described as tastefree, if not for a mildly acrid undertones.
Steve C in Mill Creek, WA April 17, 2006
"Great smoke"
I don't know what all the talk is about not burning well. Every one that I smoked burned even. Four boxes worth. Taste great also. All my friends never guessed it was a second. After they were told then some had a gripe.
Carl Nemeth in Fl February 26, 2006
"Look at the Maduro's"
I would suggest buying the maduros if you want a stronger flavor. Truth be told I was enlightened by Gary to consider them before the naturals. The Nats just have no flavor. They look good, they draw good , but with a very uneven burn. My recommendation is you to consider spending another $40.00 on The Griffins!! We are looking for the $2.00 stick that tastes and looks like the $10.00 stick. It really doesnt happen to often. With that said , I can say that any of the Gispert line both natural and maduro for the same price,you would be better off with Gispert. Hands Down! What can I say I got burned on the Private Stock! Thanks Hendrik Kelner!
Mark Kyser in Michigan February 13, 2006
"I Need to Smoke a few more to find out the quality"
I am a bit disappointed, but not hitting the gong until I try a few more. I threw the remaining 24 sans the cello wrapper into the humidor. Hopefully the cigar gods will shine down on the 24 to produce a Griffin or cheap Davidoff out or the #14 Private Stocks I have. Look I knew what I was buying so I'm not complaining rather I just had to find out how bad or good these are. We will just have to see. I just smoked a CAO Brazilia now thats a amazing cigar. Thats a keeper and smokes like a fog machine! I will let you guys know more about the Private Stock soon. If you go cheap dont complain about draw , burn, taste , unless your Hendrick Kelner!!
Mark Kyser in MI February 7, 2006
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