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"My Everyday Cigar"
You can't beat this stick! It's at a great price and I never feel ripped off smoking this. One in three boxes has a draw problem.
Joseph Rabor in Wellington, FL March 25, 2014
"don't waste $80"
Worthless junk
Samvel in Jacksonville March 23, 2013
"Damn fine cigar for the money!"
I've been buying several different cigars to determine my new favorites. I bought these based on the recommendations. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised to find these an enjoyable smoke. I can definitely see myself adding more of these to my auxillary humidor.
Scott in Indiana May 6, 2011
"Like Avo and Davidoff's ?? order up !!!"
I have gone through two boxes......A well made, great smoke..Love the #14 ! This is very similar to the classic AVO for much less money. These are among my favorites..In my opinion they stand side by side with much more expensive cigars. A very consistant,clean smoke.If you like them mild and tasty, they don't get much better !!!
J LaCroix in Massachusetts December 12, 2010
"like getting a bundle but only in a box"
nice draw but burned poorly as most would run up the side. what a shame. The # 11 is a winner though.
steve in baltimore September 17, 2009
"New Number One!!"
I received my first box this Christmas and I was not at all disappointed. The quality is that of an AVO or Davidoff, but the price is very reasonable. The smoke was an awesome experience with a nice draw, tons of thick beautiful smoke, and flavor that was sophisticated, yet pleasant. I am a bargain mild to medium guy and this one is now my all time favorite. Thanks Famous Smoke!! -Scot Ashton P.S. See you at the 2009 BBQ Bash!
Scot Ashton in Burlington, KY December 27, 2008
"What a shade-wrapped cigar is all about."
Excellent mild toast-leather flavors that build through the length of the cigar. This is one flavor profile Cuba still hasn't got right. After half the cigar you'll stop and notice the great leathery flavor in the middle of your tongue. Wow.
Steve in The Village July 12, 2008
"Taste is similar to Davidoff Aniversario #2"
Bar none, the Davidoff Aniversario #2 is my all time favoriate cigar. The Private Stock #14 Natural comes very close to the same taste at a much lower cost. I've also smoked the #1 and #2 naturals and they did not have the same mellowness as the #14. The same holds true for the Private Stock #2 and #14 in the maduro wrapper. Hope you fine this review beneficial when buying your next box of cigars.
Bob Mazzone in Illinois June 21, 2008
"A good cigar at a very good price"
Ya' know guys these are really pretty good. I'm just about done with my first box (got 4 left) and I'm impressed with the quality and consistancy. They burn well (but ya' gotta light the whole thing first!) and they taste a bit peppery with some hints of coffee. The flavor is good for the whole smoke and it ends very well. Construction is about an 8 out of 10 with only a few blemishes noted on a few of the sticks, and it's a mild smoke so you can burn one any time of the day. I'll buy them again!
Manny in Henderson Nevada October 17, 2007
"Awesome Cigar"
All I have to say is WOW! I'm more of a full bodied cigar smoker, but I like to have an occasional mild cigar and this is it. Tastes very much like the AVO and the quality is 100% This is my new go to mild smoke. Before I bought a box I had to make sure, so I'd order 2 here 2 there. I smoked like 10 of them and everyone so far has never let me down! So I just ordered a box of #14 naturals. Thanks for the deal Famous!
Rob in Suffern, NY October 14, 2007
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