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"Not A Bargain"
I am mystified by the generously high ratings this cigar has received. In my opinion, this smoke is no bargain: It simply has no personality, is devoid of all flavor. Likely, I'll end up tossing out the remaining 24 and place an order for some of my regular reliables.
Ry Austin in Salt Lake City February 11, 2013
"Excellent for the Price"
Been smoking them for a couple years now, have been a good smoke for the price. I agree, they do age well too.
Haus in CO April 1, 2011
"to much patel"
you guys need to stop pushing rocky patel so much, unless he has you in his pocket? it is pretty obvious that he does. I do not smoke his brand but you pump his brand to much, be fair to your clientele.
jj mitchell in earth November 27, 2010
Great draw, excellent all around smoke!
Rod in Woodland Hills July 31, 2010
"disapointed at first then suprised"
Bought a box of #2's on a blind buy, thinking their made by davidoff, if their close to quality their worth the money. I was wrong, at first I hated them. I would give them away, or use them to chew on while on road trips, then toss. But after they sat in the humidor, not long maybee a month or two I tried another and really liked it, I say like not love for a reason. It turned into something I would smoke again if I get a bigger humidor with more room to age, or I find them cheap. If you dont mind letting them sit for a while, great deal,,,,,,,,, I just have no patience
Trenton in Lexingotn Ky May 26, 2010
"Excellent value and great smoke"
I enjoy the Ashton Prime Minister, I read a few reviews on this cigar and thought, for the price, why not give it a try. I was very please with the flavor, draw and burn of this Private Stock 2. I purchaese a box of the natural and the maduro. Will definately be purchasing more.
George in California October 24, 2009
"Enjoyable, good draw and taste!"
Smoked the Davidoffs on special occasions-excellent cigars. The Private Stock ll is a very enjoyable smoke at a great price. Will add more to the humidor.
Gregg in Columbia SC July 10, 2009
"Great Value"
Bought a box of the #2 and what a great value. Like to smoke higher end sticks and for everyday use ranks up their with much more expensive cigars. Will be making this a regular buy. Can't miss.
Bill in Marinette, Wi March 10, 2009
"Tasty lunch time treat"
Just had a robuston natural at lunch on a cold chicago day with a nice cup of coffee and what a treat. I am no aficianado but man that hit the spot. Price is right.
Tom C in Chicago January 6, 2009
"very fine cigar, however some with sour/acrid tast"
the natural #2 is an overall fine cigar. Recommend aging for one month or more for smoother taste.
csl in florida December 30, 2008
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10 Construction (92) 100
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