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"Always a great treat!"
Once in awhile I get one of these at the local tobacco shop. The charge $10 a pop here. I'll be ordering a box of 25 maduros for my upcoming wedding to be shared with select guests and groomsman. Also may order a box for myself, the savings is considerable!
Doug in St Cloud Minnesota July 24, 2012
"Punch After Dinner"
Punch "After Dinner" cigars are short filler. They are good short filler cigars. They will allways have a good draw and be on the lighter side of flavor.
CJ in California March 6, 2011
"A wonderful treat."
Punch cigars are a classic all by themselves.
barry in westchester April 26, 2008
"Definitely a good name, have one after dinner!"
This is one good cigar! Someone once said to have a shot of wiskey, then smoke one, and it came out pretty good! Prices aren't too bad, and for about 2 bucks a stick, can't beat it. Try it, you might like it, besides after dinner!
Eric in Milwaukee April 11, 2001
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10 Burn (81) 100
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10 Draw (81) 100
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10 Appearance (79) 100
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10 Taste (75) 100
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10 Construction (80) 100
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