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"Nice Little Punch"
Perfect for the commuter.
Greg D in Detroit, MI September 7, 2011
"Great quick smoke"
This is a great little half hour smoke. It smokes much more like a 'real' cigar than most in this size range.
Fred in Arkansas December 6, 2010
"WOW What a Cigar!"
I Love small cigars and this is the best I ever had in 30 years of smoking. Fantastic Value and Quality.
Ray in Denver May 5, 2010
"Tasted Generic."
They way people talk about these I was expecting something much better. It just didn't impress me in any way. Wasn't terrible but it was tasty like a top tier brand.
Yoop in Oklahoma May 1, 2008
"Great short smoke"
I've been ordering these for several years now and have never been disappointed. Having experimented with some of the cheaper (Famous) and more expensives (Partagas, etc) brands in simliar sizes, these are the best bang for the buck if you want a good quality, consistant smoke at a reasonable price.
Scalper44 in Mi March 31, 2008
"$ for $ these are a best buy on a small smoke"
If a quality smoke at an inexpensive price carries any weight with you, try these. Might be short filler construction but consistancy is almost remarkable. A few weeks in the humidor makes them even better
Larry D. in U.P. October 21, 2006
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10 Construction (91) 100
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