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Punch Champion Reviews [view details]

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"Hey Mike JRCigars Charges for Shipping Per Item."
Hey Mike, JRCigars Charges for shipping. They may be a buck cheaper on some things but they charge $3 per item not order . The retail stores are nice though. Famous offers free shipping on orders over $80+. Better deal. Do the math.
Greg in Denver December 17, 2008
"Punch is always GOOD!"
Never had a bad punch. The draw on this is a 10! Nice burn a 10! Good solid cigar. Dont let the size fool ya, it will last a while. Champion is worth a try. I didnt taste the full body as described?
joe in coventry CT November 12, 2008
"This is a champion"
A Outstanding cigar, give it a try
Kevin in Buffalo NY October 30, 2008
"find lower price?"
Find lower price? is Deception and they don't refund difference. is much cheaper
mike in bethesd October 17, 2008
"More than a conversation starter"
The figurado shape will have people asking what you are smoking. These are great tasting cigars, not too strong and full of flavour. Taste doesn't change that much once you pass the wide point, but is still good. These will last just under an hour if you take your time.
Cider glider in Wales July 25, 2008
"Great short smoke!"
I was surprised about this little smoke. Great flavors, smooth, and perfect if you only have about 30-40 minutes for a smoke. Smoke two if you have more time.
Peter A. in Gonzales, CA June 29, 2008
"Very Good Short Smoke"
My favorite Punch is the Double Corona. I was looking for a shorter (45 min) smoke and was not dissappointed with the Champion. Only draw back is the burn which is usually quite uneven, even after 6 months in the humi! Excellent draw, unique shape, pleasant auroma. Very nice after supper with a glass of port. Will keep some on hand for an evening "quickie" amongst my Double's, RP's, and Don Pepin's.
Jeff in Klamath Falls, OR November 28, 2007
"Good Short Smoke"
A very good 45-50 min smoke reasonably priced. A full bodied smoke with a taste and fullness closer to a Cuban than many cigars costing three or four times as much. I have had several burn unevenly, but I am willing to put up with it, plus the more care you take in lighting, the lower the chance of uneven burning getting a foothold. Pretty classic Punch product, I think, more cigar than you would think you would get for the money.
Gary Thomason in MO December 24, 2006
"The Champion"
Just had my first punch champion yesterday, wow one heavy Honduran. The begining was a little rocky, it was a tad harsh and it had some burn problems, but I evened it out with the torch lighter. The taste got smoother, and stronger with every puff, and all of the ash stayed on all the way to the nub, which shows you how well they're made. Overall a good cigar at a good price, it did make me sitdown and I even ate a small meal before smoking this thing, so it's not an every day smoke for me, I prefer a smoother shorter maduro smoke for that, but if you feel the need for a strong honduran flavored smoke at a reasonable price look no further. Plus it has a nice figurado shape.
Steven in Purcellville Va. May 4, 2006
This is a delicious cigar. Unfortunately, it has an impossible burn. A special experience with its size and shape, but would love even more to see the ashe all the way around the piece.
JHS in NYC November 19, 2005
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